The Dock that Keeps on Giving

If you have read my Gallery Wall post (read it here) you know we had an old rotting dock that was scary to walk on, but the wood was just perfect for all sorts of fun projects!

Like this wine rack I redid using some of that lovely wood.

I especially love the old nail holes.

I wish I had a “before” photo to show you but I did this last winter and didn’t realize I would have a blog to show all my fun projects (I really should have seen this one coming!)

It used to be black with a burgundy top.  I painted the whole thing white, and put a coat of glaze on top of that.  A little liquid nails and my beautiful rotten old boards were given a second chance as a wine rack.

I personally would be much happier hanging out with some wine than in the water as a dock anyways :)

I have one more project I used this wood for (see? the dock that just keeps giving!) so look for that post soon!

UPDATE: Just found this before shot – now you can see what a big change this is!





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    Your wine bar is wonderful. I love anything repurposed and using that dock wood on this piece was very clever. Like your charming blog and am now following. Oh, and I’m featuring your wine bar on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page.


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