Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Art

 If you give a decorating A.D.D. blogger a new bed…


she is going to want new bedding.


And if you get her new bedding…


she will want new paint on the walls.


If she gets new paint on the walls…


she is going to need new wall art!


Pottery Barn knock off wall art


You all have read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” right?


pottery barn teen knock off wall art


 So, the little man is almost 2 (tear) and is getting ready to make the leap from crib to bed.  Really, leap – he started climbing out of his crib at 14 months.  Luckily we have this contraption called a Crib Tent that has held him in there (saving him from many a concussion, I’m sure) so far, but the sneaky guy is trying to stage a jail break.  He keeps ripping a bigger and bigger hole in the netting in an effort to unzip himself…


So, back to the bed situation – he is going to get his big sister’s day bed and I’m currently on the hunt for a new one for the little diva.  


(You can check out her current room here)


Well, if I get her a new bed, she needs new bedding and so on and so forth…


She already picked out the bedding she wants from PB teen. We got the catalog in the mail and she loves to look thru it.  My heart constricts a little at the thought of ordering her “teen bedding” at the ripe old age of 4 (I’m also trying to convince her Bert and Ernie are where it’s at, instead of Justin Beiber…) but it still looks pretty girly to me :)



This is all in the works (in my head anyways, the Mr. doesn’t know what’s coming!), but for now I got started on these cute signs!


I started out with this “beautiful” 70′s paneling that I got at Lowes for $12 bucks.  I had them cut it into all different sized rectangles for me.



These were my inspiration from PB teen.







I painted the 70′s paneling white and used pencil to sketch out the words.  Then filled them in with regular old craft paints.  I kept these pics on my Ipad for reference.  This isn’t as hard as it seems because the inspirations sign already has a homemade/hand painted look.



Here they are in her room now, I have plans to hang them above her bed mixed in with her colorful frames (minus the little bugs and flowers – “too babyish” she has announced)




She has also decided she is over the pink (yay!) so excited to change it up in here, I’m thinking a fun light teal color?

PB teen knock off wall art


Oh and I had to change the “salt water” to Lake Water being on the lake :)




I had so much fun with these signs – I can’t wait to get started on the rest of the room!


Although, I can wait for the whole switching little man to a bed thing, ugh!

UPDATE: I just found out that the amazing artist Katie Daisy, who originally painted these for Pottery Barn has an awesome Etsy shop called The Wheatfield check it out here.  She is so talented, I’m just a lousy copy cat :)

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  1. Those signs are too cute. I have had an art project in my head and thanks for showing the paneling. I just may have to go get a piece for my idea.

  2. You are seriously amazing! I’m so impressed by your artistic talents…and a little jealous! ;)

  3. Yours look just as good as the originals – great job!

  4. Ok… I am in LOVE!!!! The ‘create happiness’ is perfect!! She will adore her new room!!

  5. Fantastic job!

  6. Wow, you did an amazing job! I love them!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! great job. :) Such happy signs. ;)

  8. Kelly,

    What fun signs! I love the color and the texture! Amazing job!


  9. great job on the signs.

    I had to laugh at the pic of your son in the crib. Our daughter, who is now in college, enjoyed climbing out of her crib before she was two as well. Brought back memories. Your little guy will enjoy the bed as much as you will. thanks for sharing.

  10. Adorable! Love the colors!

  11. Super cute Kelly! I think this may just make her forget all about Justin Bieber … for the moment!

  12. Wow! Those are absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job!

  13. How adorable!! I just love that book, and I can totally see the inspiration. Well done!

  14. Good grief Kelly, I am in love with your talent!! What gorgeous signs. You did a really fantastic job!!

  15. WOW! Love the signs! You are amazing! Love looking over your blog, new follower!

  16. What a good job Kelly! I just love Katie Daisy’s art on etsy! I didn’t realize she was featured in PB Teen! Very cool! I’m not an artist so I am really impressed by your talent too! :-)

  17. Gorgeous, Kelly! You are so talented! I love Kate Daisy’s work as well. I’ve been meaning to get the “tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” for my daughter’s room. I think I’ll stick to buying it – I’m not nearly as talented as you! AMAZING!

  18. PB has the best kids/teen bedding and furniture. My daughter had rotating pieces until her college years. Love the comments ..”too babyish” :) and you are right. You give a mouse a cookie and then they’ll be asking for more or something else. It never changes! Your signs are so fun and add a great vibe to the room. Have fun with the re-do and I’m sure your daughter will love it!


  19. Love it! The decor came out great. The bedding is scrumptious too!!!

  20. Love your blog, your ideas are wonderful and so is your cute family! Great job on re-creating the signs. You are talented, that is much harder than it looks. Keep the great ideas coming.

  21. They turned out very cute I love the colors!!!

  22. OMG those are so darn cute! Love the PB teen bedding – I don’t think it seems too grown up. Plus, maybe it will grow with her better than something in a younger feeling pattern? Can’t wait to see the whole room when it’s all done!

  23. You can copycat for me any day. I’m just thinking, “how can I do this and have it come out so well”? I just love the colors and the font. I would love to create some with some other sayings or just use the color and style of it on some other things. It’s great inspiration. Thanks! Good luck going from crib to bed. Boys will be boys, climbing falls and all. Enjoy the moments!

  24. Really really cute Kel, you never fail to amaze me with your artistic talent! Love ya bunches!! Mom

  25. Great artwork – love how you changed the salt water to lake water! And how you saved a ton of money!

  26. Wonderful! I love it! The paneling is such a great idea for your canvas.

  27. Kelly, you have wonderful handwriting! This is a true skill to be able to write or copy like this. You continue to wow with this sign as well as with your chalkboards.

    Your new blog design is just lovely! Still has the lily pad charm but so chic and streamlined. So many cute ideas so far in this new year…and see you were worried you would run out of things to blog about after Christmas! Keep the adorable ideas coming!

  28. Forgot to mention, love the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and all the books in the series. My kids are 19 and 22, but we will still talk about those stories! I have written (in my head!) my own version of the crazy mom trying to accomplish too much in a day.

  29. I so love this. But have serious doubts that I would be able to pull it off. I’ve been a huge Katie Daisy fan for a long time now. Although I only have one of her prints in my house. I truly think every home needs a Katie Daisy print somewhere.

  30. You did an awesome job with these paintings. That was genius to use paneling. I have a quote that I wanted to paint on wood, but this would be much easier. I saw the final room reveal as well. It was that pin that brought me here. Beautiful job! And I can’t believe your 14 month old is trying to escape. My two-year old just started putting his leg up over the railing so I feel like our crib time is limited as well.

  31. You did an incredible job!!!

  32. Wow! I love this and the room! I’m a copy cat too! If I think I can do it I will try! Of course tweeking it my own way. Bit hour painting is perfect! I wish you lived in WV. I would hire you to change my 2 and 4 year Olds bedroom. I love it! Great job!

  33. Cristiana says:

    Hey there!! I actually work at PBTeen and didnt realized they were copy cats until I read them closely!! (originals sold out in a jiffy and were very pricey) I have to say you did a fantastic job!! I am glad you found Katie Daisy on etsy I was going to tell you about her! Her stuff sure is cute!! Your daughter’s room turned out outstanding!! I love your “If you give a mouse a cookie” thingy, Isn’t that the way it always is when we get even one new thing for our homes!! It made me laugh cause I thought you were talking about me!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. I love your signs! I’m going to make one for a friend who has a lake house. Thanks for the inspiration! Saw you featured at The Cottage Market.

  35. You did a great job recreating this! I am doing the same but changing from Sunshine and Salt Water to “Summer Girl” for my almost 6 year old’s bedroom redo!

  36. Thank you for giving the original artist, Katie Daisy, credit for the art. So often people find inspiration on Pinterest or elsewhere and don’t give credit to the artist. Thanks for stepping up!

  37. Did you use paint or a paint pen to write the words. ? They are so cute.


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