DIY Rope Lamp

I have had a few of you asking me where I bought the lamp for little man’s room, so I figured I better share the tutorial for his DIY Rope Lamp ASAP!

DIY Rope Lamp - made with a pool noodle!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know a few months back  I posted about how I was crafting up a storm with a pool noodle, masking tape, and some rope…you know just a normal afternoon here at The Lily Pad Cottage…

Well, this was what I was making – I started off with this skinny little lamp we have had forever.

Lamp Before

I thought it would look cute and nautical and fit right in little man’s room if I wrapped some rope around it, but I wanted it to be chunkier.  My kids happened to be having an intense “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” (their favorite Disney Jr. show) pool noodle sword fight reenactment in the works, when inspiration struck.  We won’t talk about the melt down that ensued when I stole a pool noodle and sliced it open for home decor purposes, but I endured the tantrum and promised little man he would love his new rope lamp so much he wouldn’t even miss his battle sword…ahem, yeah, no he didn’t buy it…

Lamp redo with a pool noodle -

…but he calmed down when I let him help.  He loves a good DIY, that kid!  By the way, my kids do own clothing, I know almost every photo of little man features him in his jammies, but it WAS almost naptime :) After slicing the pool noodle and inserting it over the lamp, I wrapped the whole thing in masking tape to keep it on tight.

Lamp redo

You can guess what comes next – just wrap, hot glue, repeat…keep wrapping…run out of rope…curse yourself for not buying two bags of rope…hit up Lowes…and wrap again.

Rope Lamp DIY -

I got a bigger lamp shade from HomeGoods, because the old one looked a little small after I chunkified the lamp up and TADA!

DIY Rope Lamp AFTER -

Now go steal your kids toys and craft with them, they will LOVE it, I, er, promise? :)

Big Boy Nautical Room - thelilypadcottage

You can see the rest of little man’s new room here.


  1. Becky Fuelling says

    I am SO impressed! That is such a transformation and so easy. I love when you can “shop” your own home. His whole room is adorable. Really creative all the way around.

  2. Bev says

    This is a genius idea …. I have a few lamps like that and I’m going to lowes soon. Thank you !!!!!!

  3. shirl' anderson says

    What a neat idea! I love things nautical without being overly themey. You hit the mark. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Tery says

    That is so funny. I did the same thing with my old lamp except I used a foam tube used to insulate pipes. I loved it but my daughter and her friends said it looked like a cat scratch post! Teenagers- what do they know!

  5. Carol Ann says

    I loved that1 splendid job of taking ordinary materials and making them into some extraordinary


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