Kitchen Showcase – My Kitchen Tour

Hey all welcome to my kitchen –  let’s get this tour under way, I even swept the crumbs under the rug for you :)

The Lily Pad Kitchen Tour 

So I have a confession to make – we built our house 2 1/2 years ago and we have already remodeled this kitchen.  I know that is ridiculous, but sometimes you need to live in a space to realize what it needs.  I mean your house talks to you too doesn’t it?

Kitchen tour -

In this case my kitchen was telling me it needed some pretty glass cabinets.

Kitchen tour - The Lily Pad Cottage

Kitchen Tour

So we (and when I say we, I mean our cabinet guy, I’m not quite this handy) popped these little glass cabinets (and when I say popped that’s just how I picture it, I’m sure it was a lot more involved than that) on top of our existing cabinets.  Ahh, so much better!  Now I have incredibly impractical storage space that only a giraffe can reach  a really pretty place for all my cookbooks and other things I don’t use that often.

Kitchen Tour

So it was just a little tweak, hardly a remodel…we won’t talk about the other ideas I have in mind for this room…

mainly because the Mr. might be reading this and 2 remodels in 2 1/2 years is ridiculous – I’ll wait til at least January to mention it!

Kitchen Tour

I LOVE white kitchens (clearly) and went all white everything in mine.  I know it’s not for everyone (like my kids and their spaghettios, sigh), but I love how bright and crisp it feels in here.  They really pop against the dark wood floors.

Kitchen Tour

I didn’t want it to feel too stark, so I added this open shelving to make it feel more homey.  I displayed all our everyday practical dishes mixed in with a few of my vintage finds. 

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

I designed these corbels with my general contractor  and we decided to repeat them underneath the kitchen island too.

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

I love our huge island, but I have to say I wish we had kept it all one level for sweeping the crumbs into the sink, live and learn (or remodel??)

Kitchen Tour

I am SO in love with marble counter tops and desperately wanted them in our kitchen, but hello?  I think I mentioned my 5 year old and 2 year old and their spaghettios?  It just wasn’t going to happen, so we went with this Bianco River Silestone instead.  I have to say I love it!  I will always have a place in my heart (and bathroom) for marble, but this quartz is so easy to keep clean.  

BIano RIver Silestone Counter tops

It still has the grey veining of the marble with none of the staining potential.

Kitchen Tour

 We decided on a simple shaker style cabinet, it flows well with our living room built-ins.

Kitchen Tour


Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Tour

 I felt like the area above my stove top needed a little something so I painted this “Eat” sign on a piece of scrap wood with some regular old craft paint.

Kitchen sign

Kitchen Tour


Kitchen Tour

 I think I have covered every square inch of this place so let’s get onto the giveaway and the rest of the fab tours!




  1. Barbara says

    Hi, Kelly,

    What a great kitchen, Kelly! It’s a perfect “heart of the home”. I sure don’t know how you keep it so shiny and bright, though, but you do it well. Real quick, but do you remember the size of your back splash subway tile? I’m shopping for tile and can’t decide what size I want but really like the way yours looks. Thanks for your help!

  2. says

    Really loving your kitchen – you have great design skills. I am going to subscribe to your blog – your home looks so lovely and you write really nicely. :-)

  3. says

    I love every detail of your kitchen. Great job on the corbels! They caught my eye at the very beginning of your post. Thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen with us!

  4. says

    Hi Kelly!
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and just LOVE your taste! Your kitchen is incredible! Thanks for continuing to inspire us all :-)

  5. Lisa R Johnson says

    Hi Kelly
    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the white and the blue mason jars you have on the shelf. Such a pretty and organized kitchen!

  6. KATHYSUE says

    Kelly, I am in love with your all white kitchen, so fresh, crisp and you are right you added just the right touch of charm to make it feel warm and inviting as well. Every choice you made was spot-on! Very impressed!!

  7. says

    LOVE your kitchen and ideas and humour. This has been a really fun visit.

    I have been so inspired and excited about the kitchen tours that I joined in the fun and featured mine for the very first time.

    It’s needing some updating, but all in good time – half the fun is the thinking about it, yes?

    Have a truly wonderful weekend. ~Michele

  8. says

    I love, love, love your kitchen! I think it was what brought me to your blog the very first time. It was wonderful getting to see even more details today and some fun extras. I love that Giraffe storage. It could not be any cuter. Sometimes, form over function is okay ;) Thanks so much for letting us over to peek! Looking at your floors again, I think the new ones we are installing are super similar. I hope they look half as pretty as yours!

  9. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    I am all about white kitchen… and your’s is snowy and showy and so so amazing! You really mixed classic white and modern so well with a good dose of practical! I can relate to this kitchen… and see myself cooking in it! I just remodeled my kitchen 3 years ago and now am going to put glass in my upper cabinets too! Are we ever really done!
    Thanks for sharing one of the best kitchens in blogland!

    • says

      Hi Amy, he is a Coton de Tulear (fancy I know!) He is pretty great, about 18 lbs, hypoallergenic and great with our kids – I would totally recommend this breed to anyone.

  10. says

    Your kitchen is stunning! I too love all white kitchens and there is no other stone for me then marble! i love the little glass cabinets such a great use of otherwise wasted space!

  11. Leslie Horton says

    Your kitchen is Fabulous! I adore subway tile and the all white is so crisp, clean and modern. We’re in a rental right now and I’m trying to make the best of it. The cabinets are so yucky and I’m desperate to paint them but my fianc√© doesn’t think the landlords will go for it. So, in the meantime ill drool over all of these fabulous kitchens and pin like a mad woman! Also love the “Eat” sign. We have some scrap wood that would be perfect so that might have to be a project I put on my list.

    • says

      Hey Leslie, oh talk those landlords into – nothing better than some white cabinets! But in the meantime totally try your hand at the eat sign, I just used 3M strips to hold it up so it’s perfectly rental friendly!

  12. says

    Just beautiful, Kelly! I love all of the white and the hints of color that you’ve added here and there. I’m a lover of Silestone too. I think it’s just about my fave option for counters. Great tour!

  13. says

    I had to giggle when I read that you have already remodeled your kitchen since you built your house 2 1/2 years ago. And, you are right, if your kitchen talked to you and told it needed glass cabinets, you HAD to listen. They look great. Your island, counter tops, cabinets…ok, basically everything is beautiful. Crisp and clean.

  14. says

    Hi, Kelly. Your home is just beautiful. You and I might be just a bit different. We’ve lived in our home 22 years and I still have things I haven’t changed. Like a bathroom that needs to be totally leveled. That little issue of money is so detrimental to my wants! Your home is lovely and I’d say cherish every crumb, but then I’d be telling a fib! Enjoy your family and the beautiful home you’ve given them to live and love in. Thanks for joining us on the kitchen tour!

  15. says

    I love white kitchens too, but I have butcher block countertops to warm things up. And I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to keep clean. A must for me. I am going to venture out soon and paint our bottom cabinets and different color just to mix things up since they have been all white for 8 years and need repainting anyways. Easy enough to change it back if I hate it. :)
    thanks for the tour!

  16. says

    I could look at your kitchen all day Kelly! SO lovely and it makes me giddy to hurry up and move into mine! (We have such similar taste!) I am laughing about your re-modeling. Today I was looking at my new laundry room thinking .. “hmmm… if I could just switch my open shelving to this side and re-arrange these cabinets a bit..” I’m Wondering if I should try to pull it off now (and sneak it by my husband) or live with the room a year and then fix it? So see – I’m worse than you. I’m not even in my new house yet and I’m already dreaming of re-modeling it! Ha ha… :)

  17. says

    Love, love your kitchen! It’s stunning! We did almost the same thing – build our house 2 1/2 yrs ago and we have since painted the cabinets and next up the backsplash and lighting. I totally agree, I think you need to live in it to know what you really want.

  18. says

    You really shouldn’t be obsessed with any part of my kitchen – yours is 100x more gorgeous!! Your glass cabinets on top – love those! And you have your open shelving styled to beautifully!

  19. says

    So jealous of your kitchen. Love all your details and I would do the same countertop…with kids it’s a must!
    Jamie @

  20. britney says

    Hi, I love your house, especially your kitchen!! It’s so inviting! I am planning my own kitchen makeover and we have very similar taste! Where did you find your upper cabinets with the glass doors? Also what brand is your range hood? <3 Britney

  21. Taia says

    I love the white on white kitchen and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one hoarding milk glass! I’m in the planning stages of a remodel myself, those crazy paving tiles have got to GO! I hate to talk about cost, but what did you pay per square foot in the Silestone counters? I hate going anywhere near the home improvement store kitchen section because they chase me around like used car salesmen! (Super creepy!) Thanks!

    • says

      oh hmmm, I don’t totally remember bc we bought all our counter tops from the same place and just got one quote…maybe $50 a foot? ugh sorry I don’t honestly remember the break down on it – google it maybe? :)

  22. Cathy says

    Just discovered your website and spent a couple of hours last night drooling over your house! We love the floors in your kitchen. Can you tell us what they are?

  23. Michele B says

    So clean and lovely! We just bought a house and will be redoing the kitchen in mostly white with some beachy touches. I have to ask about the open shelving… Did you do the tiling first or after the shelves were done?

  24. Pat says

    Hi, doing my kitchen right now,can’t decide on my quartz color, all white or with a little veining??? But what color is your grout? So pretty all together, thanks!

  25. Jil says

    I love your kitchen! I also have a love for marble, but went with Bianco River for my counters! It was so much fun seeing it in your pictures. Thank you for sharing your home!

  26. Nicole says

    I’ve been searching for “my kitchen” for months, and you’re only the second one I’ve come across that made me go “aaaah!! Dan, come look!!!” lol. Do you have a “source” page? I’m interested to know what color grout you used with your white subway tile. I like that it isn’t white…it contrasts the lines between each. I also love the floors throughout your home. I’ll definitely be showing a few details of your entire home to our builder. Your home tour made me realize a few things I hadn’t even though of. Like…do i really need stone for the laundry room counters? NO. Do I need marble for it to look “schmancy”, NO. Anyways, THANK YOU for posting the tours. I love your style.

    • says

      Hi Nicole, oh have fun building! It’s so nice to be able to pick everything out. On my FAQ page at the top of my blog header there is a lot of info. My grout is grey, not sure on the exact color but it was the medium tone my tile guy had. Let me know if there is any info you didn’t find and I’ll try to help you out! Stay tuned for a new kitchen post next week bc I’ve changed some things in there :)

  27. Marji says

    Hi Kelly,
    Beautiful kitchen, you have such a great style sense!
    Could you share the dimensions for your open shelving?
    How thick are the shelves and what is the height and depth of the corbels?
    Love them! Was hoping there was an easy source, but maybe I can recreate the look and feel.

  28. Katie says

    I LOVE your kitchen! My husband and I are designing or dream kitchen and we were wondering how much space you left around your island. We are debating leaving 4 feet but wondering if that is too much space. Also, can you tell me the dimensions of your island? Thank you so much!


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