Easy 10 minute Halloween Chalkboard

So I know I’m way late with this, since it’s Halloween in 2 days!  BUT I promise it’s the easiest last minute Halloween Chalkboard anyone can do.  I haven’t really had the chance to decorate for fall or Halloween like I normally do, because I got wrapped up in my whole plank wall entry project for the last few weeks.  I was determined to at least get a Halloween chalkboard up in here!

Trick or Treat Chalkboard


 You may thinking “Hey that looks familiar!”  and it does because I put this same basic design on my outdoor pumpkins last year (see them here).  I had about 10 minutes this morning while little man was occupied with Elmo and (I was avoiding folding laundry) that I decided I couldn’t walk by my empty chalkboard one more time.

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas

So I recycled this cute design from last year.

Trick or Treat Chalkboard

Like I said this is so easy,

Step 1 – write trick or treat with really straight lines, no curves

Step 2 – draw a bunch of crazy lines for a spider web

Step 3 – put a spider on it (not to be confused with put a ring on it….imagine me waving my hand in the air a la beyonce)

Trick or Treat Chalkboard

That’s it!  Then snap a few awful photos cuz you are in a hurry and Elmo is almost over, oh wait, that was just me – you can skip that part :)

Halloween Chalkboard

OH and hey did you notice my chalkboard shrunk?  And moved?  Yup, I dismantled the old one and made a new one over this a way.  More on that soon…or soonish, I got to get on the ball with this whole Halloween thing!  We haven’t even carved pumpkins yet…

How about you?  Are your trick or treaters raring to go?


  1. You always do the best blackboards.

  2. So cute and easy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I thought you moved the chalkboard! I was a little confused there for a minute ;) Looks great, Kelly!

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