Top 5 Posts of 2016

I know I promised you a post on my lighting choices today, but I’m still waiting on one more light that’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.  I want to check it out in person before giving you the full scoop on them. Instead, I thought I would take a quick cruise down memory lane and recap my top posts of 2016 like I normally do every year. There weren’t as many completed projects this year as we have been planning/working on the new house since August, but I still snuck a few good ones in there. It seems crazy to think we are 6 months into this house process already!

All right let’s get to it –

5. House Plans – I think this post was popular, because you all were curious what the heck we were up to over here ;) The house is coming right along and I can’t wait to share all the details. I’m hoping to even get a little video tour in soon, if I can figure out all the techy stuff (cross your fingers for me!)

Lake House Exterior

4. Playroom Take 47 – The playroom in our last home was definitely the room I rearranged the most. I just could not get it right, although this version was definitely my favorite. I gotta say the playroom/family room in the basement at the new house has me currently stumped as well, it will have a little wet bar area with a mini fridge and snack area, and I can’t quite figure out the furniture configuration in there. I’m hoping to post some pics soon and let you guys hit me with your brilliant ideas!

Colorful Playroom

3. Stairway Makeover – I loved how swapping out the old carpeted stairs for this striped runner made my ho hum entry way really pop. Spoiler alert I’m hoping to go for a similar look in the new house.

Staircase makeover

2.  Lake House Spring Decor – I’m so ready for some spring right now amidst the 10 degree snowy weather and my spring tour last year was a definitely a fave.

Lake House Spring Decor

1. Winter Mantel – Oh this post makes me miss our old house! I loved this simple sign after all the Christmas crazy and candlelight makes everything look better. I know you all are going to ask where to get this sign – it’s from an Etsy shop that’s no longer in business so I can’t help you out :(


I can’t wait to see what happens in 2017, there are going to be SO many projects and posts coming at you, it’s going to be a fun year on the blog.  Thanks so much to all of you who have been following me from the beginning as well as anybody new hanging around. I love sharing all my crazy here with you and 2017 will be more of the same :)


  1. Kathleen G says

    Happy New Year! 2017 will be very exciting moving into your new home and I’m sure with your beautiful taste it’ll be very welcoming:)
    Love Laura! Kathleen in Az

  2. says

    going to be beautiful and fun to follow your journey, we also stumbled across a lake lot and just closed. meeting architect on Tuesday. we currently have a home we love (looks like you did too) so I’m having problems deciding what to change and keep the same? you too? We currently have white walls, walnut floors , considering light this time around for a cottage feel – have you chosen floors yet? Light or dark?
    Love that you stuck with chrome – I was considering gold for a change but don’t want to get TOO trendy! Lol

  3. Susan F says

    Where did you get the wonderful white (cream?) chair and ottoman shown in the pic labeled “Winter Mantel”? Thanks for your help!

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