About Me

Meet the inhabitants of The Lily Pad Cottage – my favorite people in the whole wide world!


First up ” The Mr.” isn’t he cute?


He is the most brilliant guy I know (shh…don’t tell him that), hilarious, and a great dad.  He has been laughing at my shenanigans for the last 10 years and has learned to just shake his head and roll with it (prime example here).  He is also my biggest supporter and proof reader of this blog (so blame any grammatical errors on him…and all Seinfeld references…)

 Next up “The Little Diva/My Favorite Girlie”


This girl has more personality in her pinkie toe than my 5 year old self ever had.  She enjoys all creative endeavors (where could she get that from?) and can most likely be found taping her favorite toys together in an elaborate art installation.  Someday, I’ll write a book on her never ending mischievousness, well actually probably 2 books because one just won’t cover it… in the meantime you can read more about her here.


My “Little Man”


 Oh my curly headed little dude!  The sweetest little 2 year old alive unless he misses his nap time.  He currently enjoys coloring anywhere, but on paper (walls, carpet, my favorite pair of jeans…), crashing his toy trains and laughing at my attempts to potty train him (read all about that here).  He’ll need to write his own book someday, most likely titled “Surviving Life with my Mischievous Sister” subtitled “How she tried to blame everything on me…” look for it in 2030!


 Buddy Cuddles –


Just Buddy for short (clearly I did not do the naming here…) Buddy is the newest  addition at The Lily Pad Cottage and at 1 year young, currently enjoys eating crayons, then pooping spectacular colors, peeing on my rugs and generally destroying our house.  We love him anyways…mostly…

Oh and there’s me!


 I’m Kelly, the domestic engineer that keeps this whole ship running – ish.  I would rather paint something than do laundry and I regularly wander around my house paint brush in hand looking for my next victim.

I love to subject my kids to elaborate recipes they never eat, inevitably doling out grilled cheese instead.

I love coffee, chocolate and wine – definitely not in that order.


 We were so blessed to build our lake house here in Michigan on the same lake I spent all my summers growing up as a girl.  I had so much fun designing it in 2010 and I have been repainting, redecorating and generally causing chaos ever since (take the full tour here).

This blog is my little corner of the internet to share all things creative.  I love hanging out here with you and sharing my little slice of life here on the lake!

 So, now that we are friends, let’s hang out!  You can follow along with the creative goings on via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.  Don’t want to miss a thing?  Sign up here to have my posts show up right in your inbox!

 PS All of these gorgeous photos were taken by my amazing friend Kari over at Zander and Breck Photography.