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5 Easy Inexpensive Christmas Tips

Guys, I’m feeling a little left behind this year in the whole blogger Christmas extravaganza! Typically I’ve had my Christmas decor up since Halloween and I’ve already been hitting you with fun Christmas ideas nice and early so you have a chance to maybe use some inspiration in your own decorating. Living in my parent’s house while we build means all my fun Christmas stuff is stuck in a storage unit summer, so I’m taking the year off from any major holiday decorating. However, I’ve been blogging 4 years now and I have a whole backlog of Christmas fun, so I thought I would throw together a list of my easiest (and least expensive) tips for decorating.

1. Gift Tag Ornaments – Cute gift tags are everywhere and why use them just on packages? I used these “Merry Christmas” Target gift tags on my tree last year.

Gift Tag Christmas Ornaments

And these chalkboard gift tags from Hobby Lobby the year before. They were $2 for a pack of 10 and they packed a big punch on the tree.

Classic Christmas Tree Decor

2. Make your own Gift Wrap – kraft paper is your friend! I’ve used kraft paper almost every year under our tree. I love the old school vibe it has and my kids always have fun decorating it. I’ve had them stamp it, paint it, glitter it, you name it! I’ve even spray painted it using a snowflake ornament as a stencil (check out the how to here)

Gift wrap idea

3. Use Vintage winter gear – I’m trying to count all the ways I’ve used old sporting goods equipment in my Christmas decor, and I’m sure I probably missed a few! From sleds, to ice skates, snow shoes, skis and back again, I think I have covered the Winter Olympics. I’ve found most of these items in old junk shops relatively inexpensive and even a few in my mom’s basement.

Vintage Ski Christmas Tree

Christmas Entry with Vintage Snow shoes


Snowshoe Christmas Mantel Decor

Christmas Front Door Decor

Ice skate Christmas decor

4. Decorations you can eat! One of my favorite (mind numbing and annoying to do, but favorite) decorations was the year I made popcorn garlands for my tree. Beware if you have a dog (or hungry children) most of the popcorn will be missing by Christmas day, but it was fun while it lasted.

Classic Christmas tree ideas

Other fun edible decorations include a hot chocolate bar, pretty Christmas cookies on a cake stand, and I always have candy canes hanging around. They look great hanging on the tree or just tucked into mugs or bowls on open shelving.

5. Christmas cards that double as decor. I love getting Holiday cards from all of our friends and family ever year and making a fun display out of them is a great way to add to your decor. I”ve strung them up on an old window, clipped them to sticks in a vase and just set them on my coffee table in a pretty tray.
Holiday Card Display

So that’s it, it feels pretty weird to be decorating after Thanksgiving like a “normal person”, but I have to admit after having my Christmas decor up last year from Halloween to Valentine’s for various commitments, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy the real reason for the season.

If you are looking for more inspiration check out my Holiday Tours from year’s past.

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I just read a bunch of your posts (got behind!) and I am wondering if you could do a blog with photos of how your mom decorates her house for Christmas!

  2. Absolutely love your holiday décor ideas – sooo beautiful! You are truly talented!
    Can you please share where you got the Barn Quilt Block Art over your mantle?? It’s fantastic!

  3. I love your ideas for using sporting equipment to decorate. My father-in-law made some snow shoes and is gifting them to us – maybe we can draw inspiration from your photos above. thanks!!

  4. In years past you have participated in home tours – we tour your home and then you invite us to another blog and they do the same .
    Are you doing that again this year?

    1. Hi Linda, I’m not participating this year because of all my Christmas decor being in boxes and living in my parent’s house but the tour is going on now. Head to JenniferRizzo.com to check it out :)

  5. You missed the white sweater Christmas ornament. I thought that was so neat!! I have to figure out how to make the house Christmasy after I’ve given 47+ years of Christmas stuff away :-( We were traveling to our kids’ house and no-one was coming to our house. Well, we leave for the South right after Christmas — we didn’t decorate. We are having Christmas at our house this year. HELP!!

  6. Love these tips! Where did you get your sleeps till Christmas sign? I love it! You have a great blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

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