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Adventures in Furniture Shopping…and Painting

I was introduced to the home decor heaven that is Home Goods a few years ago when we lived in Ann Arbor. I never even knew they existed! If you haven’t been it’s a great place to pick up cool lamps, baskets, or furniture at reasonable prices.

Hall table makeover - www.thelilypadcottage.com

West Michigan finally hopped on the bandwagon and opened up it’s own store which has been crazy packed ever since…

like Black Friday shopping crazy…

like no shopping carts left in the store crazy…

like fights breaking out over the last cute throw pillow you just have to have crazy…

A close up of a book shelf filled with books

OK, so I made the last one up.

Hall Table Makeover - www.thelilypadcottage.com

No fist fights broke out in the bedding aisle, but needless to say we are all glad they are here (except for perhaps a few disgruntled husbands watching their credit cards swiped over and over again…)

The Mr. may be one of those grumbly husbands – I innocently went there to spend a gift card (thanks to my brother and his wife!) and accidentally spent 3 times the amount of the gift card, whoopsie!

I have been looking everywhere for a table narrow enough to put in my hallway upstairs and I finally found it! Unfortunately I wasn’t crazy about the colors, but I knew I could fix that. So I impulsively grabbed a sales guy and had him carry it to the front, bought it, pulled my car around and opened the hatch…

A book on a table

hmmm, did I mention that I had just dropped my daughter off at preschool and I had carpool duty for the day? I also had little man with me…and groceries…and I drive a Ford Edge…

Here is where I would like to thank the many strangers and fellow crazy shoppers who rallied around me as I proceeded to empty my entire car in the parking lot, while little man sat in the front seat honking the horn and playing with my windshield wipers. I almost gave up, but my cheering section convinced me that it would fit – and it did! High fives all around :)

Hall table makeover - thelilypadcottage

Next I had to have this conversation with the Mr. –

me: “do you love the new table?”

Mr: “um, I guess…the colors are a little weird?”

Me: “oh, yeah, no, don’t look at the colors – just the table.”

Mr: “look at the new table, but not the color of it?”

Me: “yes, what part of that doesn’t make sense? I’m going to paint it tomorrow.”

Mr.: “couldn’t you just buy a table that you like?”

Me: “what do you mean? I do like this one, and it will be perfect when it’s done!”

Mr. – shakes his head and smiles :)

Shell Mirror - www.thelilypadcottage.com

This fun shell mirror found it’s way into my cart too, I told you I spent a little too much. Having my very own store so close to me could be a dangerous thing…

Hall Table Redo - www.thelilypadcottage.com

Oh and as for painting the table I mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Napoleonic Blue with Provence to get my blue color and finished it off with some Pure White accents.

How about you, have you ever painted a brand new piece of furniture? Please tell me I’m not nuts :) or just tell me that you are nuts too…

Need more tips on using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Check out my easy how to post here.

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  1. I am glad that the nearest Home Goods is a 40 minute drive – near the only location I can buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If either store was closer, I would be spending way too much.

    My husband shakes his head a lot. I put splashes of primary colors all over our cedar chest on Sunday morning. I told him to just trust me. Later in the day I painted it white and when I sanded it, the little pops of color showed through. He said he thinks he is beginning to get me decorating methods.

    LOVE your skinny table and the colors you used.

  2. I am surrounded by Homegoods and Homegoods/TJ Maxx, it’s a problem, I was just in there yesterday and then today made the mistake of finding the new pottery barn catalog. The sales guy helped me carry out a mirror and said “so yesterday was cottage chic, the creamer cow? $4.99? and today we are at the beach?” me: “yep. I’m versatile like that”. homegoods guy: “ok, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” me: most likely. Disclaimer: I do over buy and exchange alot so really I’m merely a reallocation specialist. But other days, I peel out of the parking lot like I stole it the deal was so good! I’m glad you have one too! Super cute table, good score!

  3. Yes, the old colors were not really you! It looks great now! and I can’t believe you just got one near you recently. We probably have 6 within half hour and then there are the Marshall’s and TJMaxx’s.. Lots of temptation!

  4. I am going to be in big trouble when I move back home next year ;) ahhhh I’m so excited. Love the table, you did such a great job! xx Liz Marie

    1. Thanks Liz, yes you are in trouble ha! There are rumors that we will be getting an H&M as well, now THAT is real trouble :)

  5. I am headed to Ann Arbor for the weekend and already told my Mr. that I’ll need some shopping time for Home Goods built into our weekend. If you’re ever in Kalamazoo, check out Kalamazoo Kitty. You’ll love it!

  6. Love it! I spot Shauna Niequest’s BITTERSWEET amongst your titles. I’m obsessed with her writing.

  7. I’ve never painted a new piece of furniture but I have reupholstered a new sofa and chair one month after I bought them – new!! Homegoods is a necessary evil – just don’t forget the carpool!!

    1. Wow, I’m impressed! Reupholstering is tricky business, I’ve got a bench I’m working on now. And yes, the table and all 3 kids made it home in one piece, just not at the same time :)

  8. I love your table Kelly! So glad you had fellow shoppers cheering you on! I bet you could sell that table for more than you bought it for (not that you should sell it). The blue is much better.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

    1. Thanks so much, I’m really loving the pop of color the blue it bringing to the hall. Gotta love some fellow crazy shoppers!

  9. Love it! It looks great and yes on painting new furniture, if it is the right shape and size but the color’s off why not paint it ;)
    Homegoods is a very dangerous place to go for me as well, I never walk out empty handed there!

  10. Yeah that Ann Arbor HomeGoods was a goldmine! It was dangerous to live near there, my hubby was glad we moved if just for the fact that I am now 30 minutes from a HomeGoods in KC and it isn’t that great and has poor turnover. Soon we are off to Germany, sadly no HomeGoods there but I am sure I will survive ;0) The table looks great and now fits in your home perfectly!

  11. Yep…good ole Ann Arbor! One of my fave places on earth! Use to go to the Home Goods store up there whenever we decided to do a shopping day there when I lived in Toledo. Just recently moved to Columbus by way of KC. Lots of Home Goods stores there! Loving it! Happy you have one near you now!

    1. I’m glad too, now if I can just convince the Mr. what a fantastic thing it is! Love Ann Arbor too!

  12. Oh the times I have bought things new or used and redone. I get that look like I have twenty eyes. The end result gets them everytime. Beautiful job on the table!

  13. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that exact conversation with my husband…

    Me: “What do you think of this side table… besides the fact that its red?”
    hubby: “well its really red, I don’t know if it will match everything else we have”
    Me: “I said other than the fact its red, I’m going to paint it!”

    So funny how we as designers can see potential in even the dirtiest/ugliest things!

  14. Love your table! I know exactly what you mean about HomeGoods! I live 25 minutes south of the store in Ann Arbor…and I’m there every chance I get for a little browsing. I’ve never bought a new piece and painted it….but you did a great job with your table!

    1. Thanks Sharon, that Ann Arbor store is awesome – until we had ours here I actually drove back a few times to shop!

  15. Hi Kelly. Love your decorating style and your painted projects. Have you tried Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint? I think you would love it.

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