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Autumn Door Decor

Autumn is upon us…

Autumn/Fall Front Door Decor

Ok, not really it’s August and it was 88 degrees this afternoon.  I was totally sweating like a hog perspiring like a lady when photographing this today.  

Autumn/Fall Front Door Decor

My little girlie went off to kindergarten (sniff sniff) this week and that has left little man and I with lots of free time on our hands.  We keep looking at each other like we lost a limb or something.  So I decided a trip to Joann’s Fabric was in order to cheer us both up…well it cheered me up at least – a box of animal crackers was all it took to put a smile on little man’s face.

I grabbed a large embroidery hoop, a branch of these orangy fallish looking things that look like little autumnal venus flytraps (I’m sure that’s the official genus and species if you ask an official flower person, although I guess I should ask an official artificial flower person since these are totally fake) and a bunch of googly eyes (you never know when those will come in handy!)  

Make your own fall wreath

I really had no idea what I was going to make, but I found some extra burlap in my craft closet and started brainstorming.  I finally decided to on this whole elaborate fall quote I wanted to stencil on the burlap, but my printer was out of ink.  So Plan B I just free handed this instead and simplified the design to save myself some time.  You could totally print something out and stencil it on though.  I used a light brown marker to start so I had a little more wiggle room if I goofed up.

Autumn Decor

Follow up with a sharpie marker and then pop it in an embroidery hoop.  Then I just cut off some branches of my autumnal mystery flower and hot glued them on the fabric.  Well first I dropped the hot glue gun on my ankle and burned the tar out of myself, but what’s a craft project without a little first aid?

Fall wreath

That’s it, my autumn door decor is all the Fall I can get my head around until the leaves start turning, the apple cider starts flowing, and I can turn the darn AC off!

Check out some of my Fall/Halloween decor from last year for some more inspiration here.

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  1. Oh you make that look so easy! Down under, we are coming into Spring so I suppose I could substitute the word “Autumn” and get white/pink/blue flowers instead! I love the embroidery hoop idea. :-)

  2. Really cute Kel! Did I mention I currently have very barren double front doors?? Feel free to come up with some amazing idea for them!

  3. Kelly–can you take a picture from further away. Its cute up close but trying to decide if I’ll like something like this or if it will get lost on my door.

  4. So pretty! If I waited until I could turn off the air conditioner before I celebrated fall, we would never have fall! There are too many “winter” days or Christmas mornings here in Southeast Texas when it’s 80 degress out, and the air conditioner is keeping us comfortable. ;) I can dream about fall though. I drag out the pumpkins and serve caramel apples and the whole shebang. And on the days we do have a nice coolness in the air, you can bet your pretty fall foilage, we’re in the backyard around the firepit, roasting marshmallows. :) Love your ideas. <3

  5. What a great project and it seems easy to replicate with another quote. This is getting me ready for fall. I am sure that it was hard to send your little one off to kindergarten. Time goes by very quickly, doesn’t it???


  6. I am so glad you said you were not really ready for Fall either…I so love summer and I know I must submit to Fall creeping up on us but I want to wring every bit of loveliness out of Summer I can and not rush things. :) Though with the Rim Fire so close and the smoke so thick and heavy here a couple of days of drenching rain would be more than welcome.
    When I eyed your first photo I thought it was embroidered, the weave of the burlap sure makes it look like it. Great job, I really like it. Hot glue guns and me just seem to have a love hate relationship, I always manage to burn myself somehow.

  7. Really cute. Free handed? You are really talented. I think the orange things are called Chinese lanterns, but I’m not positive. I’ve been thinking of pumpkins and fall leaves too but it was 92 degrees here in northeastern Indiana yesterday so I’ll have to wait a little bit longer too. Have a great holiday weekend. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  8. I love it! So clever. I look forward to all of your posts. Love the 2012 Fall/Halloween decor. Can’t wait for this years!

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