Back to School Chalkboard Art

 Ask your kids to talk about what their favorite things are and see if you can get them to stop talking (at least if you have a chatterbox girl like I do).

Back to School Chalkboard ArtThis was so fun and I’m not sure who enjoyed this little back to school chalkboard art survey more, me or my girlie.

I did this same project last year as one of my very first blog posts ever (you can see it here) but I just made a list of her favorites. I thought it would be kind of hilarious if I put them in little thought bubbles and blurbs like you were peeking inside her little kindergarten noggin.

Back to school chalkboard survey art

Of course she loved the photo shoot part the best, especially when I told her she could make funny faces. Home Alone anyone?

Back to school fun

 I told her to pose like she was thinking…she looks very deep in thought. She has been walking around scratching her chin ever since saying “Hmmmmm….” 

I ask her what she’s up to and she says “Shhh! I’m thinking!” :)

Back to school survey chalkboard art

 Little man was feeling left out and wanted to get in on the photo shoot, so we added the little “I heart sissy” blurb just for him. He is going to be wandering aimlessly around the house when his best friend and social director leaves for kindergarten, poor guy.

Here’s the list of questions I asked my grown up kindergarten girl:

Who’s your favorite singer? “We are never, ever, ever, ever, ever. ever, ever…. (you get the idea) getting back together!! WEeeeeeeeEEE!”

back to school chalkboards

 What’s your favorite food? This was a no brainer for her –

Back to school favorites

This one was tougher, what’s your favorite color? “Red, NO, Blue, wait, Purple? Well, I can’t really choose let’s just say I like rainbow colors, ok mom?”

Chalkboard School fun

How about your favorite thing to play with? 

Kids chalkboard art



Back to school chalkboard

and finally her favorite books are from the “Olivia” series. They are my favorite too, if you haven’t read them they are super cute stories about a little sassy pig named Olivia.

Kids chalkboard art

 Phew! Got them all in, now if I can just survive that first day of kindergarten. I’m vowing I will not hysterically cry in the parking lot…or at least I’ll try not to…

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  1. I have 4 beautiful children and I cried when each one started Kindergarten. I love the chalkboard idea, what a keepsake for years to come. I would say do one for the beginning of each school year. They grow up so fast.
    You do seem to have a knack for the chalkboard art, I keep trying but so far, I am terrible at it! But I will keep trying because I Love it so..

  2. I love this chalkboard art wall. What a cool way to capture what is going on in your children’s life by doing something like this!

  3. What an awesome idea! This is the perfect way to record your child’s “likes” for future reference. She’ll look back with fondness on these adorabloe photos!

  4. Love this! I’ve still got a couple years left before school for my little one, but I love the chalkboard presentation. I may use it for her birthday this year!

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