Beachy Wreath

Ok so I confess this post is completely seasonally wrong, who is thinking of the beach and sea shells when you are busy with Halloween costumes and raking leaves?… 

 I wasn’t REALLY, until I was cruising around Ballard Designs website and I was inspired by their Beachy Wreath

We can totally make this! For like $5, maybe a little more depending on what you can find around your house.

So here is mine.


A wreath


Here’s how I did it. I had an old wreath in the garage.


a wreath


I bought 2 bags of Decorative Sisal from Jo-Ann Fabric ($1.99 each)


A bag of moss

I covered the wreath with the sisal, it kinda sticks on its own, then I used some thin twine to wrap around the wreath to help it stay on.


Get your glue gun ready and plop some shells on there. We had some shells that my munchkins and I had collected last spring break in FL, thank you Florida :)


A wreath


A wreath


I have no idea where I’m going to put it for now, but I have a zillion ideas for it next summer!


I still love you though Ballard, see this cute little stool?


a wood stool


It’s only $49 and totally cute.


And it looks right at home with my grandmother’s sweet chair.


A close up of a chair

(you can see the rest of my living room here)

Although, come to think of it, this was actually free. My mom has one at her house and I commented on how cute it was, and magically the next week one showed up at my house.

Gotta love my mom!

I mentioned I liked her new car too, but so far my driveway remains empty…

Anyways back to caramel apples and pumpkins, soon enough it will be sunshine and sea shell time again!

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  1. I love that stool too and have had my eye on it for a while now. Hmm, maybe one will show up at my house now… LOL!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage
    PS – Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

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