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Bedroom Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share my daughter’s room re-do with you guys, but it’s not quite ready yet. So I thought I would at least let you get a peek at the bed I found her.

iron bed makeover
Isn’t it amazing? I have been searching forever for a bed like this and I wandered in to an antique furniture store by our house and it was just sitting there.

Here’s a negotiation hint for you – don’t exclaim “Oh my gosh this is perfect I have been looking for one of these everywhere!” and then ask them to knock $50 off the price… Ok, so I’m not good at playing hard to get, this is why the Mr. will never take me car shopping :)  but at $150 I still thought it was an ok deal considering the cheapest one I saw on Craiglist was $350.

A close up of a bed

I loved the chippy white finish on it so much, I really hesitated to paint it, but I promised my girly girl she could have a pink bed.
So I hit it with some spray paint…and I would like to publicly apologize to the Mr. for the state of his garage floor – it now has a lovely cotton candy vibe in there, which I guess is better than the CSI thing it had going for it before when I was using red spray paint??

pink iron bed makeover

I’m loving the pink, it is so much more fun this way! Sorry about the tight shot – I didn’t want to give too much of the room away yet, but you will notice in the back that the pink walls are gone!!

A bed
Replaced with this freshly hung bead board wall paper that will be getting a coat of paint later this week.

Can I just pause a moment to explain what a “special” experience hanging wallpaper with my favorite 18 month old mountain goat boy was? Let’s just say he ended up in the bathtub fully clothed, soaking wet and happy as a clam. :)

UPDATE – You can see the finished room here!


PS My blog was nominated over at Apartment Therapy for The Homies Best Home Design and Inspiration Blog, I would love love love it if you have a spare minute to drop by and vote for me – thanks!


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    1. HI Kim this is an old post I’m not totally sure the color anymore, it’s the darkest pink Lowes had at the time thanks!

  1. This is exactly want to do with my old bed for my daughter’s room! Did the paint stick well to the brass? Mine has a brass bar across the top of it and I think it will just be easier to paint it like you did than try to clean it.

  2. Sorry also forgot to ask – did you sand it first? Getting ready to spray paint a similar type bed.

  3. Did you prime the bed first? Also did you use a sealer/ polyarylic on it after you painted it?

  4. Love the bed so much! What color did you paint the bed? Did you use a high gloss paint? Spray paint or hand painted? Thanks!

  5. Hi, I just used the Frosty Berry on my daughters bed and it wasn’t the same color as your daughters bed. Does it take a few coats to get that color? I’m very new to this DIY stuff and I’m clueless. Haha

  6. Hi Kelly, Gorgeous room makeover. I just found your blog and love it. What colour did you use on your daughter’s bed? I am looking for a nice bright pink for my girl’s dresser. Thanks so much!

    1. I had a custom mix made at my local paint store but he based it off of Blanket by Valspar so it should be pretty close to that :)

  7. This is so adorable! What a fun bed for a little girl! Congratulations on the Apartment Therapy contest!! Heading over to vote now… {P.S. I am glad my garage isn’t the only one that looks like CSI :)}

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