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Big Girl Bedroom Reveal – Finally

I’m finally sharing my girlie’s new all grown up (well 5 year old grown up anyways) de-pinkified big girl bedroom reveal.

 Did I say de-pinkified? Ok, so she wasn’t ready to let go of ALL the pink, but now it’s sophisticated big girl “magenta”.

Want to know what her favorite part of the room is? That would be a $2.99 lamp from Goodwill, really? I mean there is so much other better stuff!

It’s not the brilliantly spray painted bed..

or the fun painted signs on her wall…

not her fun memory board where she can display her favorite things..

or even her hilarious alarm clock that oinks when it’s time to start the day…

Nope, she is all about her purple lamp, because it’s a magic lamp! I mean a genie who sounds suspiciously like Robin Williams doesn’t exactly pop out and grant wishes but it’s pretty cool none the less…

We picked it out at Goodwill not knowing it held such magical powers.

It was a lovely fake brass, so we hit up the hardware store to pick up some purple spray paint (specifically picked out by my daughter, it was a toss up between that and neon orange for a minute, phew – let me tell you taking a 5 year old to a paint store can be a dangerous thing). So I got the lamp home, sprayed it up, and immediately brought it up to her room  waited the suggested 24 hours before handling…

and then tried to turn it on…

there was no switch…

no little screwy knob thing…

no string to pull – nothing…

really I just spent $2.99 on a lamp that doesn’t turn on?

Then my girlie touched the base and it “magically” turned on! Seriously the look on her face was priceless. It was better than the clapper (and now, if you are like me, you are singing “clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off, the clapper” or you know…now you are, sorry)!

Basically, for her, the room is all about the lamp, it’s purple, magic, and now she can stay up late reading books.

Preferably Berenstein Bears, and preferably when her crazy blogger mom isn’t driving her nuts trying to photograph her every move…

Maybe I should go back a minute and show you the before. Remember when I said taking your kid to a paint store can be dangerous?This is what happens when you let a 3 year old pick a paint chip.

Bubblegum pink! Not gonna lie, this was not my favorite. I love how fresh and fun the new aqua color is, it is so much more her too. Let’s swing on over to the other side of the room.

Our pet goldfish Dorothy makes the perfect bookend. Bonus – my sweet pea loves that Dorothy has books to read now, she even rotates them daily for Dorothy so she doesn’t get bored, love that kid!

I’ll be sharing some more specific DIY posts about some of the fun projects in the room, but for now I just wanted to share the big reveal!

Ok, can’t resist one last shot of the bedding, think the Mr. would go for this in our room?

You can see how I made the cute pom pom quilt here.

I have to say this may be my new favorite room in our house, it is just so fun!

Helpful Info – Duvet and Sheets from PB Teen, Wall Color is Blanket by Valspar (which you can find at Lowes)

UPDATE – I had the paint color color matched at a local paint store and after hearing from a reader that it was quite a bit brighter than what my room was I did some research. I brought the paint can back to the store and they ran the numbers the color is actually A Touch of Green NOT Blanket! Read more about it and the rest of my paint colors here.

UPDATE # 2 – We all know I have decorating ADD so her room looks completely different now. Come check out what her room looks like now that she is 6! Take the tour here



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  1. Looks amazing – and now I want a magic lamp and an oinking alarm clock! And you ain’t seen nothing til you see the colors my girls chose for their rooms! I need sunglasses when I enter – but I just pat myself on the back for letting them do their thing! Hopefully, their retinas won’t burn from the brightness!

    That bed is gorgeous – mom of year award to you!

    1. ha ha ha, do they need sleep masks at night? I’m sure once she is a teenager I won’t be able to “help” her along with her color choices!

  2. Kelly, this room is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the collage above the bed…and the colors. You did an amazing job. I am your newest follower. :)

  3. I love this room. We are building a house and this is just how my daughter has pictured her room. We already have the quilt and are trying to decide if we should paint the walls a light gray or a color, I love the aqua color! I found a darling fun little painted cabinet that matches the bedding at TJ MAX was thinking about painting her white bed pink … love the pink bed. Can you tell me what brand and color spray paint you used for the bed. It is a perfect fit!

  4. I love the room!! The wall color, bedding, frames, all of it! We have been trying to get my daughter excited about moving and I cannot wait to show her these pictures after school. I think a room re-do will be a great inspiration. Looking forward to your tutorial about the pom-pom blanket. My daughter saw them in the Pottery Barn catalog, but I think I will have a hard time convincing the hubby to buy all of her bedding from there! Thank you for all of the great ideas. :)

    1. I had the same thing, I compromised buying the sheets and duvet cover but I knew I could make the quilt :)

  5. This looks lovely.
    We are about to move and my 4 year old will be getting a new updated room – love this bed!

  6. This is SUCH an amazing room Kelly! I love the bed and the bedding but I think those signs you painted are my favorite! Beautiful job – I’m sure your daughter will love it for years to come!

  7. I am in the process of updating my 8 year old daughters room. We are building her a full size day bed. We have to figure out how to convert an armoire into a desk. I can’t wait for it to be done.

  8. Wow! I found this post from Pinterest and loved it so much! There are so many similarities with my daughter’s room, it’s too weird. Her room is already painted a pale aqua and we have the exact same bed (in white…now I’m thinking about painting it!). My girl’s name is Chloe, too! We moved a year ago and her poor room has been very unfinished. It was shabby chic in the old house and we’ve been wanting to do a brighter, funkier update to fit her personality. She is very fiery, shabby chic did not fit at all. :) Thanks for the idea about painting the bed and congrats on the room. It looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Michelle, so glad you hopped over from Pinterest :) I would love to do a shabby chic thing but bright and funky is more my daughter’s taste too!

    1. Thanks so much Heather! I kind of want it for my own too, she always kicks me out at bedtime ha

  9. WOW!! Kelly that is so absolutely adorable! The transformation is amazing and it is such a fun and sweet space.Definitely a room that will grow with her too. Well done! :-)

  10. Love, love, love!!! What a great room! Where on earth did you find that fabulous duvet? I’ve been searching for something like this… that is in stock, not discontinued, or only available in every other color but the one my daughter likes lol.

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