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Boo To You!

 Fun painted pumpkins for Halloween


 It’s been a busy weekend around here, I finally tackled the outside Halloween/Fall decor.  I say tackle because this is a BIG job.  When we were building this house I thought it would be soooooo cute to have window boxes on ALL the windows.  My architect asked me about 3 times if I was sure about the 2nd story ones.. 

Me: “Oh yeah no problem, they will look so charming!”


Cut to 6 months later and planting them for the first time and picture me 8 months pregnant hanging out our 2nd story windows with a bag of potting soil…you get the idea.

I still do love them though, sometimes you just have to go with good design over practicality!


But back to fall, I don’t like to just leave the window boxes empty during the cold months so this year I tried a combination of fake leaves and about $12 worth of dried corn stalks. 




They are fun and wild looking and have a scarecrow kinda vibe. 



Sorry for the bad photo the “nap time” sun was not working with me this afternoon!


I did the same thing in my planters, and popped some pumpkins on top.


After tackling the window boxes I was ready to head over to the front door.  I picked up one of those inexpensive branch wreaths, some black feathers and ribbon, and this cute sign.


whooooooooo could resist this owl? groan :)


I thought this would make a cute, quick and easy wreath, and it did.  Except for the fact that my front door is stained a walnut color and the branch wreath totally got lost.


Time to break out the spray paint!  I always keep at least 10 cans of spray paint on hand (who doesn’t?) I sprayed it orange, then red, then black white, added the sign, feathers, and a few fake pumpkins.  I also made this burlap and black bow (I’m horrible at making bows, any tips out there?).



TADA!  Cheap and easy wreath, bonus – I can take the Halloween stuff off and use it again with Christmas decor.


To complete my Halloween look I got out the spray paint one more time.  I sprayed some fake pumpkins black and white, and drew some fun Halloween decor on them.



 Drawing on pumpkins with paint pens was a lot trickier than I thought but it came out OK.

I may spray them over next year and try again but at the rate I was going they weren’t going to be ready til New Years!



 I got the ‘Trick or Treat” idea from the new Pottery Barn mag, they show this on a chalkboard and it looks sooo cute, but I couldn’t bring myself to erase my Fall Chalkboard (see here) just yet so I put it on a pumpkin instead.



 Oh and I almost forgot I quick sewed this burlap pillow and took my black sharpie to it!




 Hope you all are enjoying decorating for Halloween!  Next up costumes :)


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  1. Love your Halloween outdoor decor. Those pumpkin topiaries are lovely, and your easy burlap pillow too! Oh, and that wreath! Ok, I love it all! Thanks for sharing;)

  2. Hi looks so cute!!! I am a new blogger as well . Come stop by…….www.vintageonadime.blogspot.com. Debbie

  3. I found you from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, and am so glad! You have done such a beautiful job of decorating for the season! I like the understated Halloween decor, it is just my style! I am looking forward to reading back through all your posts!

  4. What a fantastic front step! And your window boxes are TO DIE FOR! You definitely made the right choice to have them on all your windows – love them!

  5. Love the “Happy Halloween” pillow. And all that hard work you put into those window boxes -well worth it! The are a great addition to your Halloween decor.

  6. I had to find the doggiess as well. Your outside looks amazing! I am so glad you have joined the blog world. Your creativity is inspiring for sure!!

    1. We are dog sitting my parents dogs, so there are 2 cute little yorkies peeking thru the window :)

  7. Looks good Kelly, I also like the Lily and Murphy peeking through the windows in one of your shots ;)


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