Budget Friendly Home Decor

Hey! I was hoping to share some shelf stying tips today, including how to hide our new ugly security cameras (if you watched my instagram stories last week, you know what I’m talking about). I had my shelves all styled and we had a major snow storm roll through with some crazy wind. The wind took our front door and slammed it so hard when I was letting Charlie out that our bookshelves shook and this happened… budget friendly home decor

A broken vase on a wood floor

Whoops! I’m surprised Charlie didn’t blow away. I’m reworking (and replanting) some things and that will be coming soon!

In the meantime, I had a reader comment how some of my latest pillows, bedding etc… weren’t in her price point. I totally get it! I’ve always been a firm believer in mixing inexpensive items in with some splurges here and there. I’ve also been really blessed to work with some fun brands lately, so I’ve been sharing stuff at lots of different price points. My approach is – if I save on an inexpensive throw or accessory from HomeGoods, I’ll splurge a bit on pillows from Serena and Lily to complete the look. I’m the same way with clothes, I will definitely splurge on good quality jeans (although I have a few inexpensive favorites too, you can shop my closet here) and pair them with $20 shoes from Target.

So with all that said, I recently discovered you can now shop TJ Maxx online and they have some great budget friendly home finds! Everything from pillows to furniture and coffee table books (which are great for styling bookcases) at a great price point. There are even a few great dupes for the Serena and Lily pillows I have. I made a little living room mock up below to show you how some of the items would pair together.

blue white budget friendly decor collage

I linked all my favorites below if you are needing a little room refresh after the Christmas crazy, but your bank account needs to recover from the holiday too.

Just hover over each photo to see the price and click on each item to be taken to their site!

Contains affiliate links.

budget friendly home decor

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  1. Are there other budget friendly alternatives in between Serena and Lily and TJ Maxx?

  2. Thank you Kelly! I love your blog and I think your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it :)

  3. I’m looking to purchase the rug that you have in your basement family room, the blue and jute area rug. Do you love it? Would you recommend it?

    1. Hey Rhonda, I do like it a lot. It’s made out of old denim rolled up so they come poking out every once in a while and I have to tuck them back in. If that would annoy you then I would maybe find something different. You should be able to find it on the shop my home page on my blog but it’s from Wayfair. Thanks@

  4. I too do the “high/low” thing. I carry a nice leather handbag, but I may have on a $12.99 top I bought at Marshalls. There are things I don’t mind spending more on, and things I definitely don’t spend much on at all. I save where I can so that I can splurge once in awhile on something I REALLY want. There’s no “right” or “wrong” just choices to make!! Have a blessed day!

  5. This is such great post – I do the same thing in my home and wardrobe. An example would be our splurge on two matching leather chairs for our family room, but our pillows are a combination of Pier I, Target, and Home Goods. I refreshed our dining area by buying Ballard Designs parsons chairs with creamy white slipcovers, but we had our 40 year old farm style table refinished. I use blogs and Pottery Barn for my inspiration and go from there. For my wardrobe, I love some higher end classic items, and I fill in with some more less expensive trendy items. My most recent purchase was a pair of Ann Taylor fuller leg jeans with a fabric tie, usually $98, on sale on-line for $36. I have many style jeans, and I wanted something looser and comfortable to wear this spring and summer. These are more trendy for sure. I will splurge with a couple of tops from a catalog that I consider more expensive, but I fell in love with them and justify the splurge by purchasing the jeans for only $36! I bought a bit of a splurge quilted jacket from Talbots a year ago, but I also bought a similar one in a great color from Amazon for less than $40. Someone gave me a nice compliment the other day about how nice and put together I always look. Such a lovely thing to say, my thought process of high/low must be working. I love your home and how you have styled it – you are an inspiration for sure.

    1. Yes!! I think High/Low shopping is the way to go for sure. It’s great to splurge on really quality items when it makes sense for your budget. Thanks Lyn!

  6. Hey Kelly, how about sites that have more color? Can you recommend some? I just like more color than I typically see.

    1. World Market has lots of colorful options right now that are great prices but HomeGoods always has colorful pillows as well.

  7. TJ Maxx online? Thanks for the heads up, Kelly. I’m due for a pillow refresh and you’ve highlighted some perfect options. :-)

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