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Hey guys, today I’m finally kicking off the long awaited building series here on the blog! I have gotten a zillion and one questions about the building process this past year, and I have been compiling them all for this new series including the mistakes we made along the way. Today, I’m talking about siding – how to choose a quality product and doing your research in general.

Friends of ours are building a house and they have been showing me their siding samples. They are going to use HardiePlank® siding by James Hardie® siding. I’m excited to be partnering with James Hardie®  for this post, but all opinions are my own. This siding is gorgeous. They have several different styles of siding and the colors are beautiful. I have a major case of siding envy going on over here if you couldn’t tell.

I love the color of our siding, but I wish we would have gone the HardieShingle® route vs the vinyl shake we used. I actually had a few of you message me asking me why we didn’t use it and the answer is I didn’t do my research!

James Hardie Siding Samples

Some of the perks of James Hardie® siding versus regular siding are the gorgeous color choices that are actually baked onto the boards so there is no chipping, peeling or fading. Fading is a major concern for me with how dark our siding is and the fact that our house is south facing so that would be a major bonus. Their products also stand up to harsh weather (hello Michigan winters), resists damage from pests (hello living in the middle of the woods and all the creepy crawlers that come with that), and is more fire resistant than vinyl and wood siding (hello paranoid mom).

James Hardie siding

Ok, that’s the practical stuff I should have checked into, but let’s talk about the design side. First off, the color combos and choices are fantastic. They have classic HardiePlank® lap siding, HardieShingle® (this is what I wish we had used), which looks so realistic and cedar like it’s crazy, and HardiePanel® vertical siding. So, you can really customize the look of your house whether you are going for a classic look like I love or a more modern approach. I love that you can mix and match the finishes for a totally unique look like the photo above, it really has a timeless feel.

My parent’s home in Florida is actually sided in HardiePlank® siding. A fact that their realtor pointed out on their listing, because it’s a great selling point. It is in perfect condition even after 20 years.

James Hardie Siding

If you are like me, the process of choosing a siding color was SO nerve wracking. It’s a huge decision to make and it can be hard to visualize. I love the interactive Home Color Tool on their website that makes it easy to see different color choices together. This would have saved me a lot of sleepless nights!

james hardie siding

I spent so much time researching products for the interior of the house, testing counter tops, flooring and paint colors, but I sort of dropped the ball with the outside. I’ve learned through this whole building process that it’s important to pick and choose where you use quality materials and where you can cut corners. Let me tell you, the siding on your house is not the place to skimp because it’s not like paint where it’s easy to switch out.

The good news is that I have another chance to get it right on our pool house across the street! I have big dreams for that building over there (a bunk room, new bathroom, wet bar, balcony…I could go on!). I’m hoping to get started on plans for that in the next year. It’s just a cinder block building that we painted to match our house for now, but I would love to side it in the HardieShingle® siding some day.

james hardie siding

If you are in the building process or in the market for siding, be sure to check out James Hardie’s site here for more information on how you can get free samples sent to you. You can also check out the Home Color tool I mentioned on their site here. They also have a great inspiration guide available for download here if you need ideas for your project.

Next up in the building series, I’ll be talking about trim work and paint finishes so stay tuned.

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