Chilaquiles Recipe

I want to be in Mexico (who doesn’t?)…

It is a balmy 27 degrees here in Michigan and I’m ready to see some sunshine, but since I’m stuck here I decided the next best thing was cooking up some Chilaquiles.


A close up of food on a plate


If you have never had Chilaquiles they are amazing. It’s like Mexican comfort food, plus you get to have chips for breakfast! I first had these on our Honeymoon in Mexico, oddly enough they came as a side with my french toast, weird combo but delicious.




You need some corn tortillas, eggs, queso fresco, and this delicious red enchilada sauce.


Ok, so I cheated! 


 I said it, I cheated, I didn’t make my own sauce. 


 I have 2 kids and a puppy who pees everywhere and I had a can of enchilada sauce in the pantry. I just couldn’t face re-hydrating peppers and boiling tomatoes and chopping onions. Opening a can just seemed like a much better idea.


So here is what the picture should really look like…


A close up of food on a table


And you know what? It was delicious and easy and so not authentic, so I apologize. But if you want some easy delicious Mexican food read on.


First cut up your corn tortillas.


A knife on a cutting board, with Tortilla


I used about 6 (for just the Mr. and I, the kids had quesadillas)


A sandwich cut in half


Fry them til crispy (I didn’t mention this recipe was healthy did I? I said comfort food I believe!) just heat vegetable oil in a pot over medium high heat and fry them a handful at a time draining on a paper towel afterward.


A plate with Tortilla



  Open your can of sauce and toss it in a pan to heat it up, add your chips.


A bowl of soup on a metal pan on a stove


Fry a couple of eggs.


An egg on a plate


Slide your chips and sauce onto a plate, top with the eggs, and crumble queso fresco on top.




egg chilaquiles recipe


and don’t tell anyone I cheated… :)


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  1. I am Mexican and I was looking the recipe for giving it to a friend, in Ohio and I loved the step by step instructions.
    If you know any Mexican store around the chips and the Sauce can be found ready to use…the sauce can be red or green and I would add cream to this dish.

    I loved the page. Thanks!!

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