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Christmas Card Ideas

I’m usually the biggest procrastinator ever when it comes to Christmas Cards, like sometimes they end up being Happy New Year cards. BUT this year I’m on the ball, and it’s the best feeling ever! I may have to give up my procrastinating ways…maybe…I’ll work on that later…

I got my Christmas Cards from Minted this year, they have the most creative and fun cards to choose from. I love the fact that they are all designed by independent artists, which makes them so unique. I get the Mr.’s work stationary there too. It’s always a happy day to find a box from Minted on my front porch!

Christmas cards

Usually, I take forever to decide on a design, but this card jumped out at me right away, the luggage tag design was just so fun.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.04.42 PM

I wish taking our family photo was as easy as picking out my cards! I always take the photo myself with a tripod and a timer, although this year I saved myself a little bit of headache by setting it all up and having my mom push the button. She made me promise that she would get a photo cred – so thanks mom, that was some 1st rate button pushing (once you figured out the right button) ;)

Christmas cards

Anyways 30 minutes and 60 gazillions smarties later we had one decent shot. Little man still looks pretty grumpy, but we all have our eyes open and looking in the right direction, so I’m calling it a win! I used some photos taken by a professional this summer on the backside too.

Christmas card and Idea

Bonus – they look SUPER cute on my Christmas Card Window Display. Minted also carries party decor, wall art and this cute ribbon I snagged a roll of too.

Christmas cards

Oh and did I mention they will address your envelopes for free? Yup, you can pick cute fonts and everything. I have the handwriting of a 6 year old, so this is seriously my favorite thing on the planet! And yes, Santa is on my Christmas Card list, we need to make a good impression! No, I mean, really, there may have been several threats of lumps of coal already this year :)

Christmas cards

Be sure to check out all the amazingness at Minted and get a head start on your Holiday cards this year, so you can feel all sorts of awesome about your lack of procrastination, like me! Now, I just need to get some stamps today… or maybe tomorrow…

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Minted, but all honest opinions are my own!

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  1. So cute! My 16 yo daughter has taken over our Christmas card design/ordering/addressing, so I am going to pass this info right along to her and get her on it! One of the many perks of having older kids, you can delegate these tasks to them :)

  2. I find that bribes always work well when trying to get the kidlets to cooperate. But then you may have a photo with the little devil sparkling out of their eyes. The pictures are adorable. I’ll be waiting for mine so I can hang it up — I’ll put it on my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

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