Christmas Pillow – and a ketchup chair

Christmas cheer continues to explode at our house, and there is glitter, ribbon and ornaments everywhere.

I knew it was getting bad when the Mr. asked if we could just do a 10 minute clean up, so we could actually wade thru the living room without causing ourselves bodily harm.

A close up of a pillow


This made me realize just how far we have come as grown ups… 

The Mr. used to be a slob (ok I think every guy was in college), but it wasn’t entirely his fault. He lived in a decrepit old house with 8 guys in college.

 8 guys, 1 bathroom…with a wooden toilet seat…that was cracked in half. Imagine the worst public bathroom you have ever been to in your life, it was just a smidge worse than that.

Needless to say it was disgusting and I would avoid using the bathroom at all costs when I was over. It was so gross they actually had a porta-john delivered to the house for 2nd semester – true story.

I walked into the living room one day of this college boy palace and innocently sat down on a chair only to hear “no, wait don’t sit there!!” just a millisecond too late… 

A close up of a pillow

“What??? What’s wrong with this chair?”

“That’s the ketchup chair.”


“Well, someone spilled a bottle of ketchup on that chair.”

What, when?”

“I dunno, like a few weeks ago.”

“Let me get this straight, this huge pile of ketchup has been sitting on this couch for a few weeks? A leather couch that you could just take 2 seconds to wipe off? And now it’s all solidified and weird, not to mention all over me?”

“Well… yeah?”

Pillow and Chair

I stood up, my rear now covered in ketchup and just marveled at the weird creature that is a college boy…

This has nothing to do with my cute pillow I painted, but I just realized we are probably real live grown ups now since we don’t own a ketchup chair…or an old keg end table to match…

Holiday pillow

PS – To make my Christmas pillow I just sewed a quick square and used some craft paint to paint on my words. I was inspired by a cute gift bag I saw at Target. You might not be able to find them anymore cuz I bought them all  :)

PSS Did you catch the sneak peek of my tree? So excited to share it with you all next week when I show you all my holiday home tour. I’m participating in a fun home tour blog hop with some of my favorite bloggers, so there will be lots of holiday decorating inspiration for you!


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  1. Can you share the name of the font you used? And it looks like you outlined the lettering first. What may I ask did you use?

  2. Love the funny story! Just had a flash back of the many hilarious things I did in College. It sucks to get old! Love your pretty pillow. Is it made with burlap?

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