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My Christmas Sign… and how Buddy saved the day

So I finally hauled last year’s Christmas sign up from our little crawl space under the house (after nailing my head on the steel beam on the way in, and of course catching it on the way out too…who needs those extra brain cells anyways). I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it, but I figured I would find a spot for it somewhere. I stuffed it in the laundry room (where all my decor projects tend to gather and provide impromptu drying racks for soggy clothes) and forgot about it.

Christmas Sign - The Lily Pad Cottage     

Cut to 2 days later when I hear a huge crash, I ran downstairs to make sure the grinch wasn’t stealing my Christmas tree (hey it could happen), and I found this guy…

A dog in a halloween costume

No, he wasn’t wearing his superman costume at the time, but this picture just totally cracks me up.

He had a guilty look on his face and my Christmas sign was busted apart.

Rustic Christmas Decor - The Lily Pad Cottage

I actually have no idea how he managed to do this, and I’m glad he didn’t get hurt in the process. I’m also glad I caught him before he ate half of it…although he prefers to eat shoes, so the sign was probably never in any danger.

Either this was a happy decorating accident or Buddy was going all Lassie on me trying to tell me the sign would look cute ripped apart this year (which hello wouldn’t you rather have a cool dog who doles out genius decorating advice than one that tells you something ridiculous like Timmy’s trapped in a well for the thousandth time?).

Lake House Christmas Decor

I told you all, that I had paneled the wall where my chalkboard used to be and then I never showed you it, because I have blogging A.D.D. and possibly amnesia from concussing myself on the steel beam one too many times…regardless – I totally forgot about it.

Cottage Christmas Decor

 So TADA, here it is in all it’s glory – I love how it provides some separation between the hallway and the playroom. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for my Christmas sign this year. I also switched my vintage skis over to this wall and added some greenery and berries – in case you get the urge to water ski when it’s 20 degrees out and want to look festive while doing it…

Lake House Christmas Decor

Boom – hallway Christmas-fied!

Since I know most of you all kickstart your Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll be back a few more times this week with some more Christmas decor ideas. You can also take my 2012 Christmas tour here and see my sign how it used to look before Buddy got his paws on it. 

Christmas Basket Decor

In the meantime I’ll keep you updated if Buddy has any more genius decorating ideas…

PS For more info on the paneled wall treatment click here.

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