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DIY Sweater Ornaments in 5 minutes

So if you checked out my Holiday Home Tour yesterday then you know I made a small army of Sweater Ornaments. Or snowballs as my kids like to call them. Well today I’m sharing the easiest tutorial ever so you can make your own. Really, it shouldn’t even qualify as a post, but just in case you wondered if I got all fancy with a hot glue gun or meticulously sewed these together (ha, like that was a possibility) I’ll show you the quick and easy way I made my ornaments.

First get an old sweater, an old ornament and some floral wire. This is perfect for A.D.D. decorators like myself because you can switch up last years ornaments without damaging them permanently.

Make your own sweater ornament

 Cut out a circle shape, ok so this isn’t remotely circle like, but you get the idea.


Wrap the sweater up around it and hold it tight.

Simple DIY sweater ornament

 Wrap your floral wire around the top tightly, leaving 2 long pieces of wire so you can secure this to your branches.

Sweater ornament DIY

 TA-DA! I know it isn’t the cutest thing all by itself, and you definitely have to secure it to your tree in a way that doesn’t show the little wonky tuft at the top.

But next year when you aren’t decorating for a festive red and white sweater snow ball fight and are going for…

Well, who knows what I’ll be going for – my brain is not done with this Christmas yet…

But when you are done with these ornaments, you can just unwrap them and have your pretty ornament back totally unharmed.

Albeit a little naked feeling without it’s festive holiday sweater.

Ornament with text

Here are a few ways I used mine…

In our tree….

A close up of an ornament

A close up of ornaments

In my snowball garland…

The Lily Pad Cottage Home Tour


Staircase Christmas garland

 and just  in a pretty pile.

The Lily Pad Cottage Home Tour


That’s it now go cover all your poor freezing ornaments in cozy sweaters :)

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  1. I just love this so Cute!!!! I know now exactly what I’m doing up the banister this year… thanks for sharing!

  2. I am absolutely in love with your snowball ornament idea. I’ve already decorated for this year, but I know what’s going to be a focal of next year’s decor.

  3. Just want to say that I love your posts. You have one of my favourite blogs. I will make these cute snowballs!

  4. I really like these sweater ornaments , (snowballs)! I’m going to head on over to Goodwill for some sweaters. This looks easy enough. Your Christmas home tour is georgous! I keep going back to it. Taking on any clients for Christmas decorating?

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