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DIY Watercolor Wall Art

If you read about “vomit gate” last week then you knew this post was coming! Finally my bedding has recovered from poor Buddy’s  late night sickness and I’m ready to share my DIY Watercolor Wall Art.
A bedroom with a bed and a window

I’m not reinventing the wheel here, there have been lots of other bloggers who have  played with the cool Waterlogue App  (I think it’s only available for iPhone and iPads, sorry android users), but this is the first time I’ve ever actually had them printed off. It definitely won’t be the last time, I love how they turned out!

This one on my side of the bed is a shot I took of the lake out back this summer and it is especially nice to look at while the lake is frozen over and covered with 2 feet of snow.

A close up of wall art

If you remember the mirrors that were here before (you can see how to make them here) they were one of my very first blog posts (the photos make me cringe and if you need a laugh go check them out) and it still remains a really popular one! I do still love them and they actually found a new home in the playroom, but they have been hanging in here for 3 years and I was ready for a switch.

Lamp and plant

You’ll notice I kept the dock cleats and rope that the mirrors were”hung” with. They aren’t actually holding anything up, the art is hung up on a nail and the rope is just tucked behind the photo. Such an easy way to add a little detail.

Here’s another easy trick, see the large square frames? I didn’t spend zillions to have these prints custom framed. I bought some really ugly prints on clearance for about $10. Then I just used a knife to open up the back, removed the ugly prints, popped my own print in and duct taped the whole thing back together.

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

This photo is from our family Mexico trip this past December. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and my kids discovered the joy of ordering fruity frozen drinks whenever they wanted. This shot was taken at their “favorite bar” –  it has swings instead of bar stools (because if you are under 6 and have a favorite bar, it should have swings and superman drinks) and obviously the view isn’t bad either!

A couple of people that are standing in front of a body of water

Little man keeps asking me if we can get a swim up bar in the lake this summer ha! Not a bad idea actually :)

Art on a wall

If you haven’t heard of the Waterlogue app before, all you do is upload any photo into it and it turns it into you very own watercolor painting. You can play around with it a bit and change the tones and colors as well, but here I’ll show you the original photo so you can see what I mean –

A view of a beach next to the ocean

and here’s what it looks like printed out! It cost me about $5 to print these off from snapfish when they had a half off special, so all in all it cost me about $15. I love that they look great and I can sit in my room with a fruity drink and pretend I’m in Mexico…

minus the sunshine…

the view…

and not to mention the bartender :)

A close up of wall art

A large bed in a room

You can see more of my master bedroom here, here and here!

A close up of wall art

What about you? Have you ever tried Waterlogue? Warning you will become obsessed!

PS I’m WAY behind on email and comment responses. We have had a few snow days and I’ve been busy sledding with my kiddos, but I promise I will catch up soon!

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  3. Would you share your prints to this land-locked MidWest gal? I would love to print and hang them in my home as the colors are perfect. Beautiful home full of calmness and love. Thank you

  4. Kelly, where can I find again how you did Ikea nightstand again. Still love yours, and could use three extra drawers. Thank you in advance.

  5. What have you found is the best way to print from this app? I tried printing at work on our Color printer (parchment paper) the results on the paper were great but I cannot get the printer to print 8 x 10. It’s printing on two sheets

    1. I ordered my prints from Snapfish because I needed such a large size. It was really easy to upload and not very expensive either.

  6. I love that app. I’ve done water colors of landscapes, flower arrangements and pets. People turn out terrible. Have you done Buddy? I did my daughters dog Harley — he looks like Buddy only Harley is black. He turned out so cute. Your bedroom looks very nice and I love how all the colors have come together. Great job!!

  7. I too, would like to know what type of paper it was printed in. I have had this app for over an year and do have a color laser printer at home, but wondered if you used photo paper, card stock, or something else!

  8. LOVE this idea! I kinda sorta did this by printing out of of my daughters pictures on Waterlogue using my home printer and throwing it in a frame. What kind of paper did you use from Snapfish and where did you get your frame? Thx!

    1. It’s actually really large, their poster size. I want to say something like 14 x 18? Then I cropped it to fit my square frame.

  9. Love this! What kind of paper did you have your pictures printed on? Thanks! By the way, I am a new reader from the GR area.

  10. Wondered what paint and color is your bedroom? Looks nice with those sea glass colored accessories! Painting a newly purchased home and need suggestions for neutrals?

    1. Its called Arctic grey from Benjamin Moore and if you search paint colors in my search box on the blog it should pull up a whole post on my fave paint colors :)

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