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Easter Chalkboard

You know I love switching up my chalkboard about every other minute and this weekend I got the itch to change it up again.

So out with the old Spring Chalkboard and in with the new Easter one.

A close up of a blackboard


I felt like my last few chalkboards have been a bit serious so I did a playful Easter bunny inspired one for my kids this time around.

Easter Bunny Chalkboard

Although my daughter informed me that my bunnies weren’t very cute. Apparently, when I mentioned bunnies, she was thinking of the fluffy pink variety and isn’t digging my understated silhouettes. :)

A close up of a blackboard

I thought my cute little chicks would be right up her alley, but no “they should be yellow and popping out of rainbow colored Easter eggs”…she has some definite design ideas of her own (which I let her run with in her bedroom re-do that I will be sharing with you all soon)!

A blackboard

I just don’t think my love of white jibes with her colorful personality!

A blackboard


I get lots of questions from you all about how I make my chalkboard designs so tomorrow I’ll be back with a fun post to help you out. I will be sharing my Top 10 Easy Chalkboard Tips and Tricks.

Until then, me and my boring old bunnies will be hip hopping by ourselves and maybe we will find some cooler fluffy pink bunnies to hang out with soon :)


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  1. I copied your board almost exactly except my board wasn’t quite as big as yours. I loved how it turned out! Your design fit perfectly for what I was looking for. My mother always told imitation was best form of flattery:) I hope you agree.


  2. I love love love the Easter chalkboard. You and I have the same idea of a fun playful chalkboard. My husband is more like your little girl! MORE COLOR. We kind of have different decorating ideas. BTW, I have used blogger and wordpress and find that wordpress is easier from a blogger’s side too though initially it is less customizable but once you upgrade to a great theme or learn a bit of their interface-it is easy peasy! Good luck. Oh and I feel your pain on the GFC-I can’t believe they don’t make it available to wordpress just because they are Blogger competitors.

  3. Hi Kelly!

    This is so cute and I love the sentiment:) The wreath on top is the perfect spring touch.

    Happy Monday!


  4. This looks great, I disagree with your little art expert :) Can’t wait to see your chalkboard tips. Every time I see yours I think, “I should really make one of these…” Just need to pick the right spot!

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