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Fall Mantel – decorating with chalkboards

I’m still plugging away at decorating for fall over here, even though the temp is currently 91 degrees (sigh, where are you fall??).  It is never like this in Michigan in September!  The kids keep begging for a boat ride and I have to remind them that everything has already been taken out of the water and we are normally thinking of hot chocolate by this time.  I’m not letting that deter me though, I’ve got apple cider in the fridge, a pumpkin candle burning and I’m ready to get my Fall on.

Fall Mantel

I know you will all be shocked to see I’m doodling on chalkboards for my fall mantel.

Fall Mantel Decor  

I found both these frames at the flea market for cheap and thought they would be cool on my mantel.  The larger frame actually was covered in black dirt…

 photo (2)

and it still is.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to clean it without destroying it since it is already falling apart, (the Mr. thought I was nuts that I even paid $8 for this) so I just painted over it.  Some might call this lazy, I say genius!  The kind of dirty gray color is working for me, I’m just trying to stay, er,  authentic to the piece…ahem…

Fall Mantel - Neutral decor

Then I just taped a piece of poster board to the back that I painted with chalkboard paint. and drew some simple leaves on each board.

Fall Mantel - Chalkboard art


Leaf Chalkboard Art

  I used my faux pumpkins from last year and updated a few with a coat of Duck Egg blue for a pop of color.

Fall Mantel

 I’ve had these old windows lying around my garage forever (ok so I actually have a huge stack of them, but I do have a fun project in mind for them) so I propped those up there too.

White Fall Mantel

 I think I spent $16 on the whole thing minus what I found around me house already.  I’m loving it, but I’m really excited for my Halloween mantel!  I’m restraining myself though, it’s a slippery slope – decorate for Halloween in September and you are pushing Christmas November 1st, the kids are wondering when their elf on the shelf is coming out and it’s all down hill from there… 

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  1. Yes it is genius – what do hubbies know (mine always sighs when I lug random things home he things should be hauled to the dump)!

    Our Elf on the Shelf, Hot Tamale, is tucked away at the North Pole – he’ll make his appearance after Thanksgiving (where he runs amok and causes chaos all over the place).

  2. Beautiful mantel Kelly! It’s so true, isn’t it? You want to be ahead of the season with decorating to enjoy it (and have time to blog about it – ha!) but then by the time the actual season rolls around you are on to the next one! I have yet to figure out the right answer with this one. :)

  3. Very very cute and classy! I love the touches of blue with the orangey-red color. Also I’m a big fan of chalkboards and I included one in my fall mantel. Here’s my question…is it spelled mantel or mantle? :)

  4. I love everything you have done with your mantle for fall. Those chalkboards and frames are a great touch. Some great news at Cloches and Lavender. I hope you pop over and start to follow me. It will be great fun!!


  5. Kelly, I absolutely ADORE this mantel. It’s my favorite so far of all I’ve seen on Pinterest or any of the other blogs that I follow. It’s right up my alley. I love that there is only the slightest hint of orange which is certainly an expected color in fall decor but not always my cup of tea. And the duck egg??? Perfection! I’ve been itching to pick up some “craft” pumpkins and paint them but I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to paint them. I love this idea! Btw, I also live in Michigan but in the Southeastern part near Ann Arbor. I looked up the information for the Allegan Antiques Flea Market and I’m dying to go. It will definitely go on my list.

  6. Oh my word this is beautiful. I really need to make a chalkboard or a whole slew and try to do something half as pretty as this.

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