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It’s that time again, and I have to say I’m not ready. I mean, don’t get me wrong I adore fall, normally I’m all bring on the boots and pumpkin spice lattes. But, guys this winter was miserable and honestly the weather in MI this summer was pretty chilly too. Summer has just gotten going and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

Fall Wreath

But blogland calleth and the fall projects are rolling in on Pinterest, so I’m going to take baby steps towards fall with this quick fall wreath and bonus some of my favorite blogging friends are sharing theirs too!

Be sure to click on each link below to get all the tips from each blogger!
From left to right:
Wheat and Burlap Fall Wreath via Clean and Scentsible
Chevron and Posie Fall Wreath via Nest of Posies
Fall Hedgehog Wreath via Bombshell Bling
Fall Bittersweet Wreath via The Lily Pad Cottage
Fall Burlap and Plaid Wreath via A Glimpse Inside
Easy Fall Hydrangea Wreath via A Night Owl Blog
Burlap Flower Cone via Sweet C’s Designs

So many pretty ideas, here’s how I made mine –

I took this old wreath that I’ve had forever, that I usually hang up in the spring. It was a pretty green color and looked great at our old house on our black door. Where it didn’t look so hot? Our new brown front door, it just looked blah and dull and every time I hung it up a bird would build a nest in there. And then I had to be “all don’t use the front door or you will murder a bunch of baby birds!” I mean, who wants that on their conscience? Let’s not talk about the fact that I had scrambled eggs for breakfast…ahem…

Here’s the before right before the spray paint (bad iPhone pic)

A close up of a wreath

So to remedy the not so hot green/brown nesting ground I spray painted it white. Then on my hunt to decorate for free I took a walk thru the woods and gathered some twigs and these dark brown weedy looking things. I was hoping to score some bittersweet too, which I can normally find, but it’s probably a bit early yet. I had to resort to my fall stash instead and added these orange faux berries for a pop of color. I used a bit of floral wire to make sure everything was secure.

Fall wreath

And there you have it my 5 minute basically free wreath. I’ll let you know if any woodland creatures try to make it into their next home… :)

fall wreath

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  1. Love your fall wreath and love ready your blogs. I have to say I am ready for fall! The last month here in Texas has been unbearable. I actually started my fall decorating inside today. Plan to start changing my front porch decor from summer to fall next weekend!

  2. We are just north of you on the Muskegon River – NOT ready to migrate to fall yet either!!! Winter totally kicked our butts last year so we plan to keep the boat in the water for as long as we can this year and pretend like this weekend wasn’t the final hoorah for summer….hopeful thinking i’m sure :)

  3. The wreath looks nice on your beautiful door! I was nodding my head up and down totally agreeing with your comments in the beginning of your post. Here in Wisconsin it has been a cool summer. I feel cheated! I want hot weather! No fall decor for me yet. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. That was clever to spray paint your old wreath so the color now pops on your brown door. I love the new look and it could take you into winter too!

  5. Here I was trying to appreciate the last few days of summer thinking of fall ( which used to be my favorite season ) but then I started readying about fall wreaths. Fall = winter= cold=snow=misery!! That is all I think about. I will try to keep a positive note. Today is my son’s birthday so it’ll be sunny day no matter what it’s doing outside.

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