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Fave Dog Products – A Day in the Life of Charlie

This is the day Charlie has been waiting for. He has photobombed every blog post I’ve ever written since he was a puppy, and it’s high time he had his very own post. So, I present to you a day in the life of Charlie!

First, let’s talk about the fact that Charlie is in a sweater.

navy cable knit dog sweater

This is who he is now. Or more accurately, this is who he has always been and I’ve been forcing him to run around naked this whole time!

I’m excited to be partnering with the Company Store on these fun pet products. When they sent me their Super Chunky Dog Turtleneck, I wasn’t sure what Charlie would think because I have never tried to put clothes on him. Well, let me tell you that he hasn’t taken it off since! And every time I try to take it off, he growls at me as if to say, “I don’t think so lady.”

I even gave him a bath and he picked the sweater up off the floor and brought it to me. This adorable cable knit sweater is not only Charlie approved, but also apparently mandated!

best dog products

It’s been keeping him especially cozy on our daily walks now that the temps have dropped. It goes perfectly with his new gentlemanly Kendall Plaid Collar and Lead.

best dog products and clothes

He matches our home even better now! Is anyone really surprised I would color coordinate our dog to our space?

After his walk, I usually give his paws a good rinse, or in this case, we hit the hiking trails, so the Mr. gave him a full on bath. The Company Store has these great Green Earth Quick Dry Towel Mitts to dry your furry friend with.

dog drying mitts

I could not believe how much easier these are to use vs a regular towel. Normally, it’s a chase through the house with a towel to try and dry him up, but he actually stood still like he was getting a massage! They are super absorbent as well.

hooded dog shark towel

Ok, and I couldn’t resist this adorable Hooded Shark Towel to wrap him up in afterward!

shark dog towel

I mean…how cute is this? I promise Charlie is amused under there too…

best dog products laundry room organization

I finally got Charlie’s little dog area in our laundry room organized thanks to this handy Pet Canister Set. Not only are they practical, but the colors and pattern look great on our shelves in here. I’m all about pretty and functional, like this cute Dog Bone Feeding Mat. I love the diamond pattern and it keeps Charlie’s food bowls in place perfectly.

best dog products laundry room organization

The big one holds his leashes, brush, and soon to be collection of clothes – he can’t be seen on the blog wearing the same sweater every day afterall! The smaller ones hold his treats and bones. It’s so nice to finally have a spot for all his stuff.

Now that Charlie has exercised, given a fashion show, taken a bath, and organized his “room,” it’s time for his favorite activity of the day – napping!

navy blue dog bed cute dog bed matches decor

I’ve long been on the hunt for a nice dog bed that fits in with our decor, so when I saw this classic looking Company Cotton Dog Bed in navy, my problem was solved. It fits in perfect with all the blues in our home, and I’m pretty sure the plush insert inside is nicer than my mattress!

dog bed sleeping bag

Our bed was actually his preferred napping spot until this bed. He still likes to hang in our bedroom when I’m getting ready for the day though, so this little Lacrosse Pet Sleeping Bag is perfect to keep in our bedroom. Yes, Charlie officially has his own sleeping bag – he is all set for our next camping trip :)

dog sleeping bag bed

I’ve been tossing this on the end of our bed for him at night and he loves to cozy up in the super soft inside. Bonus, it has been keeping my white duvet protected as well.

This thing is so soft and cozy that my kids are actually begging me to buy the extra large version for them :) Charlie is living his best life with his new goodies.

Be sure to check out all The Company Store’s great dog beds and products to spoil your pup too! You can click on any of the bold links to take you right to their site. It’s a great time to shop, because their Friends and Family sale is going on until November 13. Use the code PL25FS18 for 25% off + Free Shipping! Happy Weekend!

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  1. hey Kelly and of course Charlie! Lovely Turtle neck for sure. I have a Jack Russell in the past who never likes wearing any top.. naked every time. Of coz, she is too fast and furious to control.. hyper active breed. hahaha ^ ^

  2. As a mega-dog lover—-2 Irish Wolfhounds (one weighs 180, the other is a skinny 150), a Border Collie (because, uh…brains), and the elder Chihuahua-Pomeranian (the Alpha), we rely on Savers and other thrift shops for towels-of-the-month club, etc! Yes, the couch is theirs, and the bed is Big Wally’s, so like Charlie’s allowances, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll investigate your product links, and thanks in advance. Keep the photos of Charlie coming!!

  3. Yes, Charlie is not only photogenic, he is well groomed! Clean as a whistle. The post is not only entertaining, it is hilarious! Very therapeutic and you just want to cuddle him!

  4. Hi Kelly, Thanks for sharing we just got a dog that’s six years old and she to is a big part of our family. She’s got her own set of sweaters and I like the containers you have for treats and other doggie grooming items.. Love the dog rug , I’ll be on the lookout for one.

  5. Charlie is a star!! He is so photogenic he deserves his own calendar!!! I live so many of those products too! I definitely see that sleeping bag in my poochie’s future! Absolutely adorable post! Love it all!!

  6. What an adorable post Kelly! He is precious.. and I love the cable knot sweater. So cute! Thx for sharing. Charlie has a bright future ahead! HA! ??

    1. Hi Barbara, he is a Havanese. He doesn’t shed, my daughter is actually allergic to dogs but she has no problems with him.

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