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Friday Feels – Books, Trees, Beauty Products

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m feeling this week. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

Time for another old school random Friday feels with a bunch of non-related items that I love that you may love too! Let’s dive right in –

I picked up this body wash from Target last week and it smells ahhhh-mazing! Like a lemon drop, it’s so refreshing in the early morning and it’s sulfate and paraben-free.


We are heading to Mexico for spring break with the Mr.’s family, and I have started picking up a few vacation items here and there. I snagged these cute white sneakers and have been wearing them ever since. They are perfect with jeans or so cute with a casual dress and jean jacket. Plus they are under $30 and you can wipe them clean.

A close up of a footwear

Usually about this time, I’m trying to force spring around my house (although shout out to Michigan for temps in the upper 40’s and sunshine all week, hallelujah!), so I picked up this new friend at the greenhouse last week. I have about a zillion little house plants in my house, but I figured it was time to go big or go home! This is an Alii Ficus and so far he seems pretty happy in our basement.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

I found this giant cement planter from Target for it – the price is so good compared to everywhere else I looked. It’s on my to-do list today to grab potting soil and actually plant him in there.

A close up of a planter

My daughter turned 12 on Monday (sob! No, really, I did actually start crying at dinner when we were talking about her birth story, she was mortified), and I took her to the mall for some new spring clothes. I bought this super cute shirt which she claims is hers, but I’m claiming shared custody. How are we at the sharing clothes stage already? Although if her feet would catch up to mine, my wallet would thank me. Anyway, I linked it on Instagram yesterday and a bunch of you grabbed it. It’s SO soft and under $20. So cute with jeans and sneaks!

A brown and white shirt

I have been using this eyelash serum for about 6 weeks and haven’t been noticing much, but all of a sudden my eyelashes are basically chia pets! They sprouted overnight! It’s pricier, but it lasts forever and is way cheaper than lash extensions.

Mascara and Serum

I’ve been pairing it with this mascara that I got as a sample from Sephora. I love this formula – it’s not clumpy, crunchy, or spider leg looking you know what I mean? It really makes my lashes look thicker but still soft. The mascara paired with the serum is definitely a winning combo!

A close up of a mascara

I love all of the fellow bookworm messages I’ve been receiving after sharing my book list last month (you can read it here). I’ll be working through another stack of books on spring break, but I just finished up The Huntress (thanks to a rec from a reader) and I loved it. If you liked the Nightingale you will really enjoy this book too. It takes place after WWII and follows a team of Nazi hunters as they try to bring a Nazi murderess “The Huntress” to justice.

The Huntress book

I did a big haul this week from Trader Joes and one of my new faves are these swiss cheese and cauliflower egg frittatas! They are the perfect lunch and take two minutes to microwave on a busy day. I add a little side salad for some more veggies.

trader joes egg frittata

I think that’s all I got this week! I ordered new pillows for the basement, so I will finally be doing a full tour of that completed space next week. OH, and they are almost done with the new wood floors at my parent’s house – they look AMAZING! I can’t wait to share that too – stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love my white AE sneakers! But, my Adidas Stan Smith’s are my fave! I save money by buying kids size and shopping the outlet on line. I wear a W8, kids 6. SS were $30!!!
    I’m looking forward to the basement review. Have a great trip to MX.

  2. Maybe you will post where you bought the tray in your basement! You are so good about sharing and you always inspire me! ?

  3. So happy to read a Friday Feels! They are my favorite!! Will be checking out several of your finds! ?

  4. Love your blog sooo much and I’ve been a long time follower…that’s why I hesitate to comment with a ‘Debby Downer’’. I was using the Raw Sugar products for a while assuming they were safe because they say paraben free (ect) and it comes up as an 8 on the Think Dirty app (bad). Only posting in case you weren’t aware like I was. Makes me crabby they make things appear healthy that really aren’t. Okay, done being a downer. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and eye candy! ❤️

    1. Oh thanks for letting me know! It’s still probably better than what I was using but that is frustrating.

  5. I can always count on you to post about cute and, more importantly, AFFORDABLE clothes! Love your “Friday Feels” posts, thank you for remaining relatable-especially when it comes to our kids getting older ?

  6. I noticed the slipcover on your basement couch and it is exactly what I have been looking for. Can you tell me where you got this?.
    Thank you so much.

  7. Thank you for this great, helpful post, Kelly. Now I have some shopping to do. *wink*

  8. I love your Friday Feels – especially the book suggestions. I read the last one you suggested and another one by the same author. Will have to check out the Huntress. What part of Mexico are you going to? We were just in Cancun and Cozumel. Such gorgeous weather – wish I was there now!!! Have a great weekend.

  9. Agree about the link for the sneakers. It linked to a gold necklace. What is the correct link? Also, have you experienced any adverse reaction to the eyelash serum? I know you wear contacts too so I’m wondering if there is any irritation.

  10. Love your postings and really need some eye lash help. I recently read The Paris Architect. Great book and highly recommend it.

  11. Happy you all have had sun this week! Here in S.C. it has been rain, rain, rain! I just had to comment on The Huntress”. It is an absolutely great story. I read it last year and have recommended it since.
    Enjoy your weekend ?

  12. Cute shoes… Can you check the link… It goes to a gold necklace? Wondering on store/brand.

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