Friday Feels – Favorite Finds as of Late

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m feeling this week. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.
The Mr. is whisking me away to Chicago for the weekend and I cannot wait! Surviving the post-Halloween candy hangover/daylight savings weekend crazy from last weekend seems like perfect timing. It’s also always fun to head back to Chicago because that’s where we lived when we were first married. Our apartment was 400 sq ft and featured a space heater in the bathroom so the pipes didn’t freeze in the winter. We ate a lot of ramen noodles and cooked exclusively on a George Foreman grill. Ahhh the memories! Back to the present – He planned the whole weekend and I have no idea what we are doing, so I’ll report back or maybe share a bit on Instagram stories too!
A collection of items
Before I go though, I thought I would share a few fave finds I’ve picked up that I’m loving lately. First up, I love a small crossbody bag. My days of giant diaper bag type bags are behind me – now I love a small simple bag just big enough for my phone, wallet and a hairbrush. I just bought this one and the details are so pretty and perfect for fall into winter. I have a few bags and shoes from Sole Society and the quality is great. I pair this with a camel-colored coat for all the fall vibes.
A brown purse
It goes perfect with this fall sweater dress that I wore for family photos last week. I’m loving all the long sleeve midi sweater dress options this fall because I hate dressing up and being cold. I added some cute boots and a belt – I was nice and toasty warm! It comes in a few different colors and it isn’t too clingy either. I’ll share some photos of me in it when we get them back from the photographer!
A person standing posing for the camera
Next up, I’ve raved about Half Baked Harvest before as she is one of my fave food bloggers. Her last cookbook is a fave of mine for entertaining, and she just came out with this new one that is more for weeknight meal ideas. I cannot wait to make literally about everything!
A cookbook cover with a plate of food
Target has started putting their Christmas decor out (along with the rest of the world), and every year the Sugar Paper wrapping paper is my absolute fave! They have really simple yet pretty paper and ribbon that make your gifts feel special. I snagged this ribbon and a few rolls of the green and gold paper that are perfect for my green and brass vibe this year.
sugar paper wrapping paper from Target
I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural deodorant for the last year. One that actually works! I’ve tried 4 different kinds now and this one is the best! Plus, it smells great – I love the grapefruit bergamot scent.
These Bear Yo Yo snacks are my son’s new favorite treat! They are sort of like the fruit roll-ups that I loved as a kid, but the ingredients are “apples, pears, and strawberries.” That’s it! My fact loving son also loves the little cards inside that have fun facts about different countries. I found them at my local grocery store, but they sell them on amazon too. He loves strawberry and mango.
Bear Real Fruit Yo Yos
We as a family recently joined the year 2019 and got our first Alexa device. I never really got the point of them before, but my father in law had an extra one. Now, I have no idea how we lived without one! From checking the weather to playing music to setting timers when I’m cooking, it is so handy to have. Our kids both quickly used their allowance to each buy one for their rooms too. We all love music and this is a great way for them to play music in their rooms without needing access to their phones or iPods. Now we walk in our kid’s rooms at night and they are tucked in reading and listening to music (my daughter likes Lauren Daigle, my son listens to jazz piano). Their Alexa’s came with smart plugs so they can have Alexa turn their reading lights off too when they are ready for bed.
The Mr. and I would walk into their rooms every night feeling pretty jealous of the cozy music vibes and jetson/clapper light capabilities, so the Mr. ordered another Alexa for our room since they were on sale for only 99 cents (we now have 4) and these super fancy lightbulbs. Our wall sconces are hardwired and on a switch, so we never had the ability to turn one on and one off. Well, let me tell you now that the Mr. ordered these smart lightbulbs we can not only have Alexa turn them each on and off separately, but we can also have them dimmed, bright white lite, soft white light, red, blue, green. It’s basically a disco party happening when my kids hang out with us at night shouting out different colors to Alexa ha! But honestly, it is nice to all the different lighting options.
I feel like this post may win for the most random collection of stuff, but that’s what I’m feeling this week!

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  1. Kelly, you posted about some beautiful artwork in your home and either named the artist or mentioned her website. Now I have lost it. Could you send it to me? There were some beautiful religious pieces she had done that I want to give to my son for Christmas. Please help.

  2. Unfortunately, Alexa and other similar electronic, wireless devices are easily hacked within 1200 feet, if visible from a window. We’ve had a couple news reports about local residents having their personal information stolen ( I don’t know how, but then I don’t own one). Apparently it’s best stored far away from a window, and in the basement is the experts’ #1 advice.

  3. I love your Friday Feels posts! I get so many ideas from them! Please keep them coming especially as the holidays approach. I’m going to try the deodorant!

  4. I have not embraced Alexa yet, either. My daughter has one, HAD to have one, and never uses it! Have fun in Chicago!

    1. I didn’t see the point either but I love it for playing music. We have music playing all the time and I used to have to search for the bluetooth speaker all over our house, it’s so nice to just tell Alexa what I want to hear :)

  5. I have to laugh because the older I get, the bigger the crossbody bag I need to tote all of my ‘grandma’ stuff, ha, but I love the bag you chose. It looks a LOT more expensive and will be darling with that classic sweater dress. Bear Yoyo’s for my littlest granddaughters’ Christmas visit? Check! And even though I now live on three acres in the suburbs, I was born and reared in Chicago and will always be a city girl at heart. Have a fabulous weekend!

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