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Furniture Painting…Again – 3rd Times the Charm?

Do you ever stare at something so long you can’t decide if you love it or hate it?

armoire redo annie sloan chalk paint

Remember my post on How to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

I was a little disappointed that the color was so close to my walls but I could not face the 45 minute drive with 2 crabby angel children back to my nearest Annie Sloan stockist. I finally made the trek again because I’m working on my little man’s big boy room (can’t wait to share in a week or two hopefully…ok probably 3 :)) and needed some Napoleonic Blue paint. Spur of the moment I decided to pick up a can of Pure White too, you know how I love my white paint, so I knew I would use it somewhere.

Furniture redo annie sloan chalk paintAnd then, like I do, I wandered around my house, paint brush in hand, wondering what I could paint. I remembered that my friend Allison from The Golden Sycamore and I had been talking about how painting either the drawers or the trim of my bedroom furniture would make it pop a little (thanks Allison!).

A painted cabinet

So I went to town, and wasn’t so sure about it. So I painted the hardware too, and I’m kinda loving it now! It feels brighter and beachier and after staring at it every time I walk by I think it’s no longer a love/hate thing, it’s a love/love thing.

Before and After

BUT now here is my dilemma, does it work on the piece below? What do you think, do we love it, or not so much? Really! I’d love some opinions on this one. I don’t really like when furniture is matchy, matchy but I’m not sure what else to do to make it work. So leave me a comment with your opinions, I’d love to hear all the fab design advice you have for me!

A dresser in a room

Oh and I want to quick tell you about the  super fun post I’m working  on for Monday – have you guys ever been to a progressive dinner? Well, consider yourself cordially invited to one!

TextSome of my favorite bloggers and I are getting together for a little virtual progressive dinner, you will be able to hop over to every blog for a different course and great recipe. The best part? There is going to be an amazing giveaway opportunity for you from our awesome sponsors Land O Lakes Butter, Le Creuset and Dreamfarm! Really, amazing, you are definitely going to want to enter!

Now I need to get cooking, I’m in charge of the main dish eek! Hope to see you all there!

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  1. Kelly, I love your style! I’m an east side Michigander. I have an old Thomasville dresser and armoire set just crying for an Annie Sloan makeover. I am nervous about trying it (hubby’s not on board), ‘tho I KNOW it would be as amazing after seeing yours! You have a beautiful ‘eye’ for change. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. The dresser started out black so some of the dark part is that original color showing thru but there is also dark wax on it.

  2. I really liked the white, off-white combination in your painted furniture. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Kelly- I think one of the pieces with the white on the trim is good– not sure I like it on both. I was thinking the more horizontal piece could just be the distressed paris grey all over. This would make your taller piece stand out. Also, you have a lot of things on top of the buffet so with just the straight distress and no white, it seems it would be less busy.

  4. Hardware needs to be dark charcoal gray…….could spray black with a dark gray luster stone from faux effects then topcoat with c500. Deeper and richer look.

  5. I’m LOVING IT!!! You truly do an amazing job… Now only if I could learn how to do this:/ Any advice on how?

  6. Kelly,
    I love, love, love these pieces! I saw the dresser on Pinterest and it inspired me to find a new dresser and turn it into a TV stand. The dresser is patiently waiting in my garage for the magic that is about to be bestowed upon it. (And for me to take a trip to Lowe’s.)
    This will be my 3rd furniture DIY and I’m still learning all the tricks. I’m wondering, did you use a glaze for this project?

  7. Hello there! Wow both pieces look amazing. I am interested in trying something like this myself with an armoire and dresser that are similar in size (but less ornate) to your pieces. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to technique? And also what are the names of the paint colors you used? Thanks!!

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