Girly Girl Pink

So I’m not a pink person.  I’ve never really been a pink person.  BUT my daughter is a pink person.  Not only a pink person, but an everything must be pink person! So I put my feelings aside and gave my favorite girlie her pink.
My favorite find for this room are the colorful picture frames on the wall.  I found them in a vintage store for a few bucks each.  I’ve been itching to change what’s inside them but my daughter is pretty attached to her little butterflies and bugs that we picked up together at the craft store.  I think when she gets a little older different printed fabrics would be cute.

I thought the big frame looked a little empty so out came the sharpie marker!  This led to a long conversation about why Mommy is allowed to draw on the walls…
On the opposite side of the room is my great grandmothers dresser which I painted white.  And an old mirror I found at a vintage store.  I spray painted it and found some fun ribbon to weave thru it.
  The pom poms are from her 4th birthday party and she couldn’t bear to part with them. 
I made a growth chart for her too on a length of canvas, so fun!
 Hello nightlight :)
So there it is, the one and only pink room in my house…for now.  My little diva informs me up next is purple and orange (!) I may find myself missing the pink soon enough!

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  1. I really like your style of blogging. I can so relate to your so called shortcomings. I love that you know and accept yourself. Something that was a long time coming to me. Keep up the good work…..you are so inspiring.

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