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Guest Room Decor – My Mom’s House

Have you ever found that perfect thing?  

That one elusive piece that’s going to totally change a room and complete your life?  

As in “Oh Pottery Barn bedding, you complete me!”  No?  

Just me then…

and then sometimes that something comes in the mail and you giddily assault your UPS driver as he’s coming up the sidewalk and rip the box from his hands….just me again?  Really people, it’s the little things in life!

guest bedroom decor  

So you get the box upstairs, unpack the bedding, get it all set up and….



uh oh…

maybe we weren’t meant to be?  

No,wait!  This was supposed to magically transform my master bedroom to the space I always wanted!  I’m keeping it darn it!  It will grow on me,  I just need to get used to it right????

Guest room decor 

Then 3 weeks later I’m kicking myself, cuz now not only do you not complete me gorgeous PB bedding, but you totally clash with my blue grey walls and I kinda want to break up…

That’s when you call your amazing mother (who is used to your hair brained ideas, cuz you know she’s your mom and has had to deal with you for the last 30 years) and convince her, her guest room NEEDS a makeover!  And wouldn’t you know?  I have the perfect bedding you could use, and I’ll sell it to you, and even give you a break on shipping and hand deliver it and make the bed, and help you decorate the room and and and…you get the picture – how could she say no?

Guest room decor

AND you know what?  It looks perfect in here, just like I planned all along (ahem).  

Did I mention the Mr. and I actually lived in this room for 9 months?  My parents graciously allowed us to stay with them when we first moved back to this side of the state.  I think they were thinking it was going to be a month or two while we found a house …and then we decided to build this one.  9 months later we all breathed a sigh of relief when we finally moved out. 

Guest room decor

It looked nothing like this when we stayed here, you couldn’t see any part of the floor and it always looked like a bomb had just gone off in the tiny closet.  We went from a 5 bedroom, 4 bath house to their 2 guest rooms. Our daughter (who was 2 at the time) and her toys pretty much took up all of the one room so it was a little cramped.  I’m sure it drove my parents nuts, you could hardly walk in the room, it drove me nuts too!  

Guest room decor

Luckily we all survived, although my daughter always asks when we can move back…

Guest room decor

I mean we are SOOOO far away, we live 15 houses down from them :)

Guest room decor

Guest room decor

I’ll be sharing more of my mom’s house next week.  My parents master bedroom, bathroom, sitting room is about to get a complete overhaul which has been so fun to help my mom plan.  The Mr. loves it too, since it means I haven’t had as much time to rearrange our house!

I’ll be sharing the before pics and keep you all posted along the way.  

 Guest room decor

Moral of the story? Go with your gut, if it’s not love at first sight – return it….or have a fantastic mom like me!

Guest Room Decor Details:

Bedding – Pottery Barn

Paint – Benjamin Moore Golden Straw

Signs –  local shop called Blue Bird on the Moon

You can see more of my mom’s house here all gussied up for Christmas

and a peek of her gorgeous music room here.

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  1. love the bedroom! I particularly like the sign over the bed. Do you know where she found it. It would look great in my lake front home!


  2. Kelly and Pam, clearly nothing is the same as last time we were there. SOMEHOW, we have to get back there to see the decor, but mostly to see our friends!!

  3. Really beautiful! Question— Do you happen to know the color of the paint in your mom’s “Music Room” post? Its kinda perfect!

    1. Thanks Jennie! I don’t know the color of the music room but I do know this it is on the same color card as the Golden Straw by benjamin moore that is in the guest room. I think it is the shade that is just lighter, if that makes sense?

  4. Girl you’re too funny. And yes, this has happened to me. My UPS man is used to me assaulting him. The PB bedding looks awesome in your Mom’s house. She’s lucky to have you!

  5. Just beautiful! How great that you could share with your mom. The room turned out beautiful!
    Is that a PB bed, by the way?
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  6. Oh you make me laugh! I am just like you and cant stand the suspense! Then, dont want to let a lovely piece “go” so try to make it work. THEN, all my friends and family thank their lucky stars that they get to know me and get to take over all of my bad decisions! LOL I love the final look at your moms house and know all too well about sharing a room at my inlaws and the ittty bitty closet, while we built our first home. Csnt wait to see more of your Mamas house. It is clear that you gained a lot of your creativity from her. xoxo

  7. I just love what you did with this room. So very pretty with the colors and that bedding is so pretty! Love the sign over the bed too. Your daughter is priceless, can we go back? Then to find out you only live 15 houses away, just too cute!!! I do LOVE that your family is so very closer in the love you have for one another and wanting to be together!


  8. The room looks great. Beautiful colors. I love the little pear tree and the baskets under the bed too. My daughter and I love to decorate together. I’m working on refinishing a dining table for her. She’s on a tight budget because she is a grad student so we love looking for bargains and are not to proud to rescue somebody else’s “junk” and repurpose it in her home. It’s just fun to share and work together making a home more welcoming. I too, sometimes wait for the UPS man. One winter we had a huge snow storm. No one came down our road that entire day, not even a snow plow, when late in the afternoon I thought I heard a truck. Sure enough the UPS guy was stopped at the end of our drive along the road and jumped out in waist high snow drifts to deliver a package! He had a huge smile on his face and I thanked him. I told him that was dedication.

  9. Okay, seriously, we are sharing a brain – how many time have I come here and said, “Hey, I have the same thing in my house!” Well here we go again – I have that same birdcage pillow in my guest room! This is getting weird. Are you watching me?? ;)

  10. Beautiful room. The floors are perfect. Do you have any detail on the hardwoods in your mom’s house?

  11. Oh I so love PB! The bedding is gorgeous! The wall color is perfect! I have that same paint in one of my guest rooms. Love Love Love it! My daughter and I decorate together all the time. It’s so much fun!

  12. That is so cool! My mum and I swap all the time – our tastes are fairly similar; sometimes she’ll buy something but it looks better at my place and vice versa, or we get sick of something after a few years and swap things! That bedding is gorgeous – beautiful colours, and looks fabulous in that bedroom. Well done!

  13. I agree. If you have any question, they you will probably end up wishing you hadn’t bought it. You are lucky your mom would take it off your hands.

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