Hello Summer! Summer Chalkboard

Hello hello! I’m playing catch up after a relaxing week of unplugging my computer. I know, I didn’t even turn it on once! I had grand plans to play with my kids, swim, watch fireworks, eat and generally do nothing.

While I did do a lot of that,  somehow my house started whispering in my ear, things like… “this picture frame would look better in the entry”

and “you should really do that upholstery project you’ve been talking about”

and “what about all those plates you got for that plate wall”

and “your chalkboard looks awful lonely”

and “do the laundry” (wait what? that’s not a good idea house!)

So, naturally I ignored the last one (which might have been the Mr. pretending to be the house anyways, he is sneaky like that) and got on the rest. Seriously I got a million projects done and my house looks totally different. I can’t wait to share them all with you, but since my inbox is overflowing from my little internet vacation I’ll just quick share my fun summer chalkboard that took me about 20 minutes to doodle.

Summer Chalkboard - www.thelilypadcottage.com

If you are on instagram (which you should be – cuz not only is it so fun, but you can also follow me and get sneak peeks of projects and the general chaos of my life at http://instagram.com/lilypadcottage) you may know of the fun app A Beautiful Mess. I’m not actually cool enough to have that app because I don’t have an iphone (I know I’m the last person on the planet without one, feel free to cry for me), but my doodles were inspired by all my much cooler friends who are using A Beautiful Mess to add cute little phrases and drawings on their Instagram pics.

A blackboard sign

 Oh except for the smiley face on the sun, that was all my little girlie apparently “it’s not a good sunshine without a smiley face mom!” got it, must remember smiley face always :) <—– see already so much better!

A blackboard sign on a wall

 It was fun to doodle something silly rather than work on complicated fonts and phrases.

I’ll be back later in the week sharing one  of the umpteenzillion things I switched around in my house…you know, if they are still in the same spot later in the week…my house may have other plans…

PS If your house doesn’t whisper weird things to you just pretend we never had this conversation.


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  1. Hi I came across your blog wonderful looking for an inspirational summer chalkboard to feature on my I Heart Chalkboards like page. I have a custom chalkboard shop on etsy, open since 2009. Would it be ok to feature your lovely chalkboard art on my like page?
    Thank you,

    P. S. I’ve also started following your like page. Beautiful decor! :)

  2. My house is yelling at me to make some changes. I just haven’t done them yet. ;) As far as the iphone, I’m right there with ya! LOVE your chalkboard! I might have to start a new doodle on ours this evening. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. LOVE! Finally after a long retail weekend I can focus on my projects as well. I needed a chalkboard idea, Thank You!

  4. Love the chalkboard very much!! Really like the frame. I am glad you are spending time with the family and trying to relax, enjoy every minute, times goes by in a blink!!


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