House Update – Siding and Metal Roof

Hey guys! I have like 15 minutes to whip this out before I have to grab my kiddos off the bus stop, so this will be short. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. We flew back last night from visiting my parents at their house in Florida this week (take a tour of their place here). We had a great time, but I have to say, I felt like I was leaving a limb behind being away from the house for so long without checking in on the progress/driving the crew nuts. I stopped by this morning to snap a few pics and go over the pergola plans one last time. So, I’ll show you what they have finished – first up the street side of the house!

A house with trees in the background

The metal roof is on, the front door is in (minus the grids) and they’ve got the backs of the benches built on the front porch (the white part under the windows). The weather was even warm enough (despite how gloomy it looks) to get a coat of paint on. The left side is painted the right isn’t. There will also be big pillars on the front porch on either side of the door.


A view of a building

Here’s a closer up shot of the front door I took before I left last week. The backs of the benches will have a board and batten look. The guys propped the boards up for me so I could see what it will look like. They can’t install the seats until the concrete is poured in the spring. I’m already dreaming of outdoor fabric cushions and pillows out here!

A person standing in front of a window

These brackets will be going under the eaves and similar ones will be holding up the pergolas. They need a coat of white paint, but it was exciting to see them in person today!

The roof of a house

The lake side of the house is coming along too! They have the metal roof on back here and they got started on the deck off the dining room.

A house under construction

It’s such a gloomy day today, so you can’t see how pretty the metal roof looks with the siding in this quick iPhone pic, but the contrast is really nice. There will be large brackets under the overhang back here as well.

On the inside they have almost all the drywall complete and a lot of the cabinets have been built as well.

Ok, I need to catch the bus, then tackle the pile of laundry, and finish my carpet and paint color selections (I’ll be sharing those next week).

In the meantime we can all pretend together that we are here…ahhhhh!

A palm tree in front of a fence

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  1. I am looking to use Burnished Slate as an accent as well. Can you tell me the shingle color you used?

  2. your roof complements the natural slate siding so well. What color is it? It looks more brown than black?

    1. I think the color is weathered wood of the shingle roof. The color of the metal roof is called Burnished Slate. It’s kind of an oil rubbed bronze color.

  3. Kelly, Can you tell me the exterior color of your house? Is it siding or shaker shingles? Thanks!

  4. We will be redoing our siding and are planning to use shake-style vinyl on the lake side and road side of the house, with straight siding on the sides. I was wondering what kind of material is being used for the windows and other exterior trim? I love the way it looks!

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