House Update – Cabinets and bathtub!

Lots of fun things to share again this week! Sorry it took me so long to get to it – the Mr. and I have actually been killing ourselves replacing the fence around the pool across the street. My arms are basically useless noodles after all the manual labor, but we finally finished it all and it looks great. We also painted the entire barn/pool house situation as well. So, I’ve been too busy working to actually post about it, but I’ll get to it next week as it’s raining here today.

I’m just going to keep going with my random “here’s what they did this week” posting style. First up is the kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets

They are hanging all the cabinet doors and I just went over all the hardware placement too! I’m so excited with how the kitchen is turning out. To refresh your memory that large cabinet on the left will be glass and the doors slide. I’ll probably keep all our white dishes in it. You can’t see it in this pic, but it balances out the refrigerator area nicely. We also decided to go with simple classic subway tile again as (1) I still love the classic look and (2) it’s cheap! Let’s not talk about the budget situation at this point (if you could only see the dirty look the Mr. is giving me right now…)

White kitchen cabinets

You can see a bit of the back breakfast nook wall in this picture that they tiled from top to bottom. This is the wall with the barn beams. If you can picture this area, it is one side of the breakfast nook, next to the pantry door. The window looks out over the front porch.

Here’s a better shot, they took the beams down to tile and paint. I can’t wait to see them go back up.

Subway tile white kitchen progress

White kitchen cabinets

Here is the opposite side of the breakfast nook, next to the refrigerator. I’m so excited to style these glass cabinets. I may have brought a few dishes in just to see how they may look… I know, I’m losing it a little. I’m just so ready to get in there and decorate!

Cottage style planked white ceiling

In other big news, all the plastic is off the window and ahhhhhhh! I just love seeing the blue water against all the white woodwork. This was totally my vision when we started building this house, and it’s so fun to see it coming together. I mean, imagine there wasn’t a giant wet saw in my living room and you get the picture.

Stone Cottage Style Fireplace

The fireplace is totally done and they did such a beautiful job on it. If you knew the amount of math that went into working out the mantel height, tv cabinet width, and ceiling situation to make this all come together you would understand why this is so exciting to see.

There will be cabinet doors on the bottom portion of both built-ins and our tv will be mounted in the right side where there are no shelves. The doors swing back and slide in and the tv is on a 3 ft arm that swivels out. If that makes sense? I’ve had lots of questions about this set up on my social media and I promise I will post pics/videos when it’s all set up. Oh and the stone is from J&N Stone, the style is Quartz and the color is Price. The mantel is another one of the barn beams we saved from the old house. I snapped this pic the day they did the grout and it has actually dried to a much lighter color, which I love.

Freestanding master bath tub

Ok, saved the best for last – my tub! We own all the property across the street, so when my car and the tool trailer isn’t parked there, the view will be really nice of all the pretty trees across the street. And hello? This floor GAH, obsessed with it, can you believe it’s tile? I’ll be doing a post on it next week when it’s cleaned up a bit more so you can really see all the details. You can find the direct link in my flooring source post here.

The plumbers and the electricians have been busy installing all the fixtures so look for that next week!

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  1. Your house is beautiful! What color did you use throughout? In the middle of a renovation and trying to find the perfect off white. Love yours! Thank you.

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