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House Update – T minus 2 weeks

We are TWO WEEKS out from moving in, can you believe it? I can hardly wait!! I’m trying to restrain my use of ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS (!!!), but it seems pretty surreal that after almost a year we will finally be moving in.

So, here is what’s new this week, LIGHTS! (that’s my last all caps, I swear…) I listed and linked all my lights in this post here, but I’m just going to hit you with a bunch of quick phone pics of the lights installed.

First up the kitchen island lights,  I chose these open pendants so they didn’t block the lake view, but still add a little something. The island countertop is finally on too and I’m actually happy the butcher block idea didn’t work out in here. The Mr. and I both think it would have been too much going on and take away from the beams. Oh, and the island paint color is still one of my favorite decisions in this house (you can find all my paint colors in this post here).

White kitchen blue island

The dining room light coordinates with the kitchen pendants nicely and I can’t wait to see the table under it. I also need to do a post on the major dining room chair commitment phobia I’m having; I currently have 9 different chairs in 4 different online shopping carts, and I need to just make a freaking decision already.

Plus they got the glass in the transoms above the doors and it’s such a fun detail.

Black dining room pendant

I actually jumped up and down a little when I saw the living room light hung, it just so looks like I envisioned it in my head, and I love it.

Black iron chandelier planked ceiling

Here’s another angle with the lights on.

A building with a large window

We used black barn lights instead of can lights to create a hallway effect between the entryway and the living room. I think this will make more sense visually in photos once we have all our furniture in place.

A large empty room

They also installed all of the glass in the cabinets. They did an amazing job on this sliding cabinet, and I can’t wait to fill it with dishes.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

Let’s head outside – the lake side of the house is totally complete (minus landscaping which is coming next week). They finished the pillars, railings and pergola on the back. We just need the grids in the back doors and a coat of paint on them and we are all set.

A house with trees in the background

Over at the pool house, we installed the shutters last weekend and I finished staining the cabana too. The pool is, um, er, open? The water kind of has a creature from the black lagoon thing going on, sigh. If you remember last year between the time we had an accepted offer and we closed, the previous owner had stopped caring for the pool. We knew we were in for a rough start this spring, but hopefully we can get it under control soon.

A pool with a cover

I’m hoping to get the flooring cleaned off this weekend, so I can share some of those detail posts with you next week. Then I’ll try not to disappear for too long as we move and unpack (and get our wifi hooked up), if you are ok with a few messy house posts.

I want to take a quick second to thank you all for hanging in there with me throughout this whole process. It’s been so fun to share everything along the way with you and you all have been so supportive and encouraging. I’m excited to take you along as I begin decorating, I’m going to take my time with this house and try to share more of my day to day thought process along the way, so you can really see each room come together.

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  1. It has been such a delight and privilege to watch a home of this caliber be built. You and your husband have remarkable taste, not to mention perseverance (and fine architect and construction teams). Thank you for sharing this house adventure and for all of fun landscaping and interior decorating to come. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much Ardith the crew did an amazing job building this home, so thankful for their level of craftsmanship!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the pendant lights over your kitchen island. Can you tell me where you got them.

    1. I Marianne, if you search lighting you on my blog you can find the direct links to all my lights but I think these ones were from Wayfair.

  3. I am SO excited for you! Wow – what a house! I love your lighting choices too. We have similar pendants over our kitchen island and I have been so happy with that decision. Can’t wait to see more! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Ooops…sorry Kelly, I don’t why I referred to you as ‘Sarah’ in my comment….probably because my own daughter Sarah, called me as I was typing. Excuse me.

  5. What a beautiful home! Whoever would have imagined? Well, obviously Kelly, you could! Superb vision, design and planning – you have known exactly what you wanted in your minds eye since the get-go, and now have realized it. It is a gift. Kudos!
    I love your board and batten….I want to copy it for my open plan family/kitchen, too. What width are the strips and how wide is the wall space in between?….also, what kind of wood was used, please? You have inspired me, Sarah. I love your clean, breezy but warm décor, and I have looked forward and drooled over all blog posts, especially following the new house posts. Cant wait to see how it all looks one you move in!

    1. Thanks so much Phyllis you are so sweet! I definitely had a vision for this house and it’s so fun to see it all come together!

  6. There is so much to comment on where do I even begin. Holy cow I love the lights! The sliding glass doors and transom are genius! The lake side is amazing and the pool house is so darn cute! It’s soooo beautiful. Great job and what beautiful craftsmanship! Kuddos to your builder!

  7. I agree with someone else who jokingly asked when the “Open House” was!! I think I could make a quick road trip from Missouri lol!!! Seriously, I echo everyone else’s sentiments when I say it’s just GORGEOUS! I too would love to see some evening shots with the lights on. And that view. Wow!! What a beautiful sight to wake up to every morning! I’m excited to watch the interior come together with furniture and decorating. That’s when a “house” really becomes a “home.” Thanks for sharing the journey. Blessings from Missouri!

  8. Would you please share what material was used for your deck, deck railing, stairs, and support posts? Love the white! Everything is gorgeous!!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Janice that’s one thing I’m not sure about. I just showed the builder photos and he picked out the railing. I’ll have to check with him.

  9. I am so excited for you! Your home is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for these posts. We are in the early planning stages of a new build and your blog has been so helpful!

  10. It’s just a beautiful home. The lighting is perfect and I love the transoms. Be sure and post some nighttime pictures of your living room with that lighting. It’s going to be gorgeous at night. Of course that view is stunning as well. Cant wait to see it with all your beautiful things in it.

  11. It’s just beautiful! I love the soaring ceilings, all the woodwork and the light fixtures.

    I know it probably doesn’t seem like it to you, but it sure seems like this house was built pretty quickly. Can’t wait for the decorating to begin!

    1. I’m sure in blogland it just zoomed right along ha :) They did do a great job of sticking to the timeline!

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