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Lake House Master Bath Makeover

I hinted last week that (ok it was two weeks ago… last week was a crazy one and I didn’t blog) there was a story behind the master bath refresh. Like all good projects in our home, the Mr. was not, let’s say “enthused” about redoing our lake house master bath. I get it, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it, but it also didn’t fit in great with the rest of our home.

A bathrroom with a sink and a mirror


A bathroom with a sink and a mirror

I had always wanted to go back and tile the back wall or do something to it, because it just felt a little blah. I started sketching out ideas and settled on planking the back wall to look like ship lap. I’d been thinking of this since August, and the Mr. being the Mr., mandated that I wait until October to tackle this because (a) our September was nuts and tackling a big remodel project would not help that level of crazy and (b) I think he thought I would change my mind or forget about it. HA HA HA, oh no, my friend, this mind is a steel trap! Well, at least when it comes to obsessing over home decor ideas anyways.

A bathroom with a sink and a mirror

It just so happened the Mr. had to travel to Atlanta the last week of September…hmmm, really one whole week without the Mr. here to complain that I’m wrecking our house? And it just so happens to overlap October 1st?! I mean, you can see what’s about to happen right?!

Grey bathroom cabinets

His flight left Saturday afternoon and that Saturday night I spent ripping out all the drawers and painting the cabinets. Things were going great – I was totally going to make this thing happen before he came home.

A close up of a bottle

Monday it was time to get started on the planked walls, so I drove to 3 different home improvement stores to get underlayment 4 x 8 boards to have them cut into 6 inch strips and every store I stopped at their saw was broken! I persevered and drove over an hour away to grab these boards, such was the level of crazy I had reached.

A sink and a mirror

We still got this, (we being me and you, all collectively cheering me on in my head)…and then Tuesday morning hit with an unholy mix of pink eye, bronchitis, raging ear infection all wrapped in one sad package – me.

Lake House Bathroom accessories

I… WILL… PERSEVERE! You’ve never quite seen such a hot mess as me in my pajamas with one eye crusted shut, coughing up all matter of grossness with a nail gun in one hand and a box of kleenex in another. Simultaneously cursing the Mr. for being gone at this point and also thankful he wasn’t here to witness the poor life choices I was making… but – the plank wall got done!

A bathroom with a sink and a window

Wednesday I took a pit stop at my Dr. office for antibiotics and to throw some macaroni and cheese at my poor neglected children.

Meanwhile every time the Mr. called to check in I barely had 2 seconds to speak to him between coughing and painting. He was starting to get suspicious that I had moved a boyfriend in for the week or I was basically half dead from being sick, one of those was kind of true. ;)

A bathroom with a sink and a window

Thursday brought on electrical (more on my new lights in a different post) and more paint…and snot…

Friday da da da da da (ok imagine the theme from Rocky playing, no idea how to type that out as I pump my fists in the air!) I did it! The room is done, the paint is dry and I even vacuumed up all the sawdust (bonus points for me). I couldn’t resist sharing my victory, so I took a photo of the new and improved bathroom and texted it to the Mr. with the caption “it’s October 2, as usual I have showed restraint, like you asked…” :)

A room with a sink and a mirror

Thankfully he loved it, and as usual thought I was totally off my rocker for tackling it all while I was half dying and he was out of town, but sitting in my tub coated in vicks vapor rub trying to steam my lungs whilst staring at my new beautiful bathroom made it all worth it.

Pedestal tub cottage bath

I’m still shopping around for a few accessories, so it’s not quite done but I love the new planked wall. I also sanded the mirrors down and found out they were a gorgeous walnut that somehow got painted instead of stained.

Lake House Bathroom

I stained them to match these cute hooks I picked up from Target. The Mr. has some sort of condition where he is unable to hang up his towel (my kids also suffer from this ailment), so I thought hooks would be easier on his impairment. The jury is still out on that one, but like him, they sure look cute!

Bathroom and Wall

I’ll share my little lighting update trick later this week and then my Christmas gloves are coming off, so be prepared for lots of Christmas decor coming your way!

For more info on how I turned these basic builder cabinets into a more custom look click here.


Wall paint – Arctic Grey by Benjamin Moore

Striped Towels – Pottery Barn

Hooks -Target

White Shelves – IKEA

Rug – World Market

Glass Vase and Flowers – Pier 1

Tray – HomeGoods

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    1. Yes I did. I took the light fixtures down traced the measured the hole and cut that into the board. Then put the light fixtures back up.

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  2. I read in the comments that your vanity counter top is poured concrete. How neat! How did you achieve that marbled look? It has to be cheaper than real marble ;) Thanks!

    1. whoops that must have been in reference to my parent’s master bathroom, this is actually real marble. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Where are your vanity lights from? Also did you frame the mirror or purchase that way? Thanks!!

  4. I came across your website while getting ideas for my bathroom Reno. I love your chandelier! I’ve been searching everywhere for a capiz light with no luck. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? Beautiful work!

  5. Are those totally new light fixtures, or did you paint the existing ones and add new shades? If you reused the existing, where did you get those shades? Looking for some like that!

  6. I would love to know where the lights and mirrors are from (above your vanity). Gorgeous everything!!

  7. Your bathroom is beautiful! Where did you get the vanity light fixture?


  8. Just found you on Pinterest. You are an inspiration! Love your finishing touches….. the hexagon tile floor, the ship-lap, the subway tile and the marble topped vanity. Do you have a shower? What type of flooring and wall tile would you use in a shower to tie into the rest of your bathroom? Im concerned that there wont be a sense of fluidity if I use too many materials.

    1. Hi Irene, we do have a shower it’s just a plain fiberglass stall. I would love to redo it some day and I would probably do it will subway tile to tie it all in. Maybe a smaller hex on the floor?

  9. Thank you for your posts! I love your home! What kind of wood did you use? My husband and I just bought a new home and he wants to shiplap everything. Haha. I don’t mind a good mix for a cottage/farm feel.

    1. Oh lucky you I wish my husband wanted to shiplap everything :) It’s just called underlayment I think? It’s a thin type of plywood, they will know what you are talking about at Lowes or wherever you go!

      1. Awesome, thanks! That’s what the hubby said we should use but I was afraid it would look cheap. Happy to see it doesn’t! Did you paint before you put them up or after?

        1. I painted after, way easier that way! Just keep something skinny around (I think i used a thin piece of cardboard) to run between the boards if paint gets trapped there.

  10. Gorgeous job on the bathroom! I’ve quickly read the article but didn’t see a source for the floor tile. Is it new? Do you know if it’s still available? How about the bathtub? What source is that? Thank you!

    1. Hey Jane we got the floor tile at Lowes 5 years ago so it may still be available? The tub we got at a local store 5 years ago as well sorry!

  11. Kelly, you crack me up. Amazing how you got all of that done being so sick. As usual it turned out amazing. Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Blessed Thanksgiving!! Love, Jennie

  12. That looks so much better! It is literally how that bathroom should have been from the get go. Love it!

    1. Right? My taste has changed so much since we first built. Our home before this was very formal and large so it took me a while to get into the cottage spirit :)

  13. you always crack me up Kelly!! great job! it looks beautiful!! Do you watch Fixer Upper? That’s was the first time I ever heard the words Ship Lap! Glad you are feeling better. ;-)

    1. You know I watch Fixer Upper :) who doesn’t? I don’t think you are allowed to be a blogger if you don’t, it’s like a rule or something in the official blogger handbook…

  14. I know you must get tired of hearing this all of the time – but you are without a doubt – ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY AMAZING!!!!! I would have given up just trying to locate a store to cut the boards, never mind doing all of the painting, nailing, electrical and cleaning up!!!!! It is fantastic looking – kudos to you!!!!

  15. Bathroom is lovely. I would love to have one that size, but my husband said when we rebuilt the house, “no one needs a large bathroom”. Now we are at the point where we have had to use a walker and I told him the door is coming off if we need a walker again. I always enjoyed the time I had when my husband was gone for a couple days. I got so much work done. Now in our 80’s he doesn’t go as much. I do have a bathroom job I want to do. I still have plastic tile and my husband “loves” it. I don’t know if that’s being frugal or what, but one of these days it will drop off.

    Hope you have had your last bug for the winter.

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