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Master Bedroom Bedding

If we are keeping a running tally of how much our dog Buddy has cost me in ruined stuff I’d say we are working our way well up into 4 figures now. Obviously, our love/hate relationship is more love than hate since we still keep the stinker around. Basically, what I’m saying is Buddy destroyed our bedding a few months ago, and is responsible for yet another makeover in our house…

Coastal Cottage Master Bedroom

Which is kind of a happy accident, because I was ready for a change (so maybe Buddy and I secretly are working in cahoots?). Also, you may be thinking “didn’t there used to be a rug in here?” Why, yes, yes dear reader there was… you can ask Buddy about that one too… :)

A bed made

I found this pretty linen bedding at Restoration Hardware on sale and also scored the softest oversized knit throw ever on clearance while I was there.

A bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room

I love the texture and subtle striping in the duvet cover and it really paired well with the old Pottery Barn pillows that remained unscathed despite Buddy’s path of destruction.

A double bed in a room

It was also time for a new set of sheets and I tried a new set out from Perfect Linens.

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror

Disclosure: Perfect linens provided me a complimentary set of sheets to review, but all honest opinions are my own.

I’m a cold sheets kind of girl, do you know what I mean? Like even the thought of flannel sheets makes me hyperventilate, plaguing me with visions of  slowly suffocating in the night…

I had a set of Mario and Luigi flannel sheets as a kid that totally traumatized me…

I like crisp and cool sheets to snuggle into at night and the Second Skin sheets from Perfect Linens are amazing! They are the perfect amount of light and airy yet they feel totally cozy. Even the Mr. noticed the difference! I didn’t tell him we got new sheets and he asked me “did you wash the sheets in something different? They feel so much softer than they normally do!” It totally feels like we are sleeping in a nice hotel now, minus the 3 am bad dream wake up call from one our kiddos. Perfect Linens offers a variety of sheet sets lightweight to cozy, so you can really find the best ones for you.

A close up of a basket

Perfect Linens is also currently offering a discount code for $35 off your purchase just for my readers, so be sure to use code LilyPad35 at checkout!

A lamp on a nightstand

Our bedroom is feeling all fresh and cozy with just these few new touches! Now, if I only I didn’t have to sleep with one eye open to make sure Buddy doesn’t go on a rampage again… or at least until I am ready to redecorate! :)

A large bed sitting by a chair

We are on our 3rd dog trainer, I’m pretty sure it’s time for a dog whisperer or therapist…not sure if the therapy will be for him or me at this point…possibly my bank account? :)

A large bed in a room

Oh, one more hint for you! See the little lumbar pillow on the bed? The Restoration Hardware duvet cover came in a little striped drawstring bag of the same material the bedding was in. I took the bag apart and made this little pillow. I’m still looking for something different – possibly a floral or something to break up the stripes, but for now this added just the little detail I needed. Because one can never have too many throw pillows!

Bedding and Pottery Barn


Headboard – I DIY’ed it find it here

Nighstands – again a DIY Ikea Hack make your own here

Paint Color – Arctic Blue by Benjamin Moore

Chairs – My grandmother’s

Pillows – Pottery Barn

“You are my sunshine pillow” – Parris Chic Boutique Etsy shop

Art Work- DIY Watercolor here

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  1. Super cute! Is the Restoration duvet cover ‘pacific’ or ‘indigo’? Can’t tell from Restoration’s photos. Thank you!

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  4. The notes say this is Arctic blue by Benjiman Moore. Is that correct? It looks like a gray or beige. I’m looking for a colour like this but when I went to the BM page the colour they have for Arctic blue is very ‘blue’! Help!

    Please and thanks

    1. Hey Monique that is the color, we have a ton of natural light though and it makes it look more grey in this house, it’s definitely a blue so I wouldn’t go for that if you were looking for a gray.

    2. It sure looks like Arctic Gray 1577 (gray with blue undertones) to me as well.
      Arctic Blue 2050-60 is an “in your face” bright blue and this room looks soft and
      airy and the blue in the comforter pops more than the walls…which I like.

  5. That bedding looks sumptuous! Love, love, love the blue stripes. And what a clever idea for the lumbar pillow. Have heard a great deal about the sheets and with the thought of cool softness tempting me, they may get a try. Would you send Buddy over? ?

  6. Love me some cold sheets!!! your bedding is beautiful!! Hope Buddy can “chill out” for awhile so you can spend time enjoying your new decor ;-) We got a puppy back in April…well, enough said. HA! Thx for sharing have an awesome day!

  7. To say this room is gorgeous is an understatement! You seem to have every detail perfect! Also I LOVE the brown flats – would love to own a pair like them : ) You are very talented!

  8. Oh my goodness that bedding is amazing! I’m looking for something similar for our room. It’s in desperate need of some serious decorating. I also can’t wait to check out your DIY headboard! Your house is so dreamy…SIGH…Liz

  9. I’d also like to know about the lamps and how you did them! They totally caught my eye. Also, I love those chairs! Do they have a story? Well done with your design!

    1. Hi Mary Jo, I unfortunately redid these chairs before blogging, wish I had thought to take before and afters! The lamps are from HomeGoods and I painted them duck egg by Annie Sloan. Thanks!

  10. Love the new linens! I, too, am a “cold sheets ” girl. The ones I grew up with were made of either cotton or percale … had a bit of weight and slightly stiff till slept on. So miss them!

  11. Four figures? Pfft!!!! Talk to me when you’ve had to replace the blinds in all your front windows and redo your kitchen because a certain Trekker the Wrecker destroyed your cabinets learning to open the childproof locks! LOL!!!

    The bedroom is gorgeous! I love to change things up often also so, because of the dogs, I use white spreads or matellese covers that can be bleached and then decorate the bed with quilts. Everything washable, of course.

  12. Could you tell me what kind of paint is on the lamps and were they brass at one time? They look gorgeous!

  13. Its beautiful Kelly. I love that you are so honest in your posts. I have a cat that loves to gag up a hairball on the bed at 4 am ?. Your is so beautiful.

  14. I was laughing my head off the whole post, you are hilarious! Sounds to me like I need buddy to justify all my constant changes with pillows and bedspreads….he is my kind of dog! Love your new bedspread….classic and cozy looking,

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