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Master Bedroom Decor – Parents Edition

The day has finally come! My parents master bedroom decor is done! I first posted about their redo in September last year. So clearly this is the longest makeover in the history of makeovers, but we finally crossed the finish line. Just imagine my mom and I jogging in place pumping our fists in the air ala Rocky…”it’s the eye of the tiger”…

Bedroom Decor and Builtins

You’re welcome for the visual image as well as the Rocky theme song in your head now.

Bedroom Decor and Builtins

Before we get into all the details, might I remind you of the before?

A bedroom with a bed and a window

Isn’t it crazy how dark it was before? It’s so light and bright now!

A bedroom with a bed in a room

My parent’s were in major need of some extra storage and were even contemplating turning the adjacent sitting room into an extra closet. While I’m all for a huge dream closet with rotating shoe racks, (I don’t even know if they make those, but they should or ohh! remember the closet from Clueless?? I totally want one of those!) but their sitting room has gorgeous views of the lake not to mention a balcony, so it just didn’t seem like the best use of the space. I talked them out of the that one and eventually my mom came up with the builtins around the bed idea.

A bedroom with a bed and cabinets

To save some dough I suggested reusing their existing headboard and footboard plus their nightstands. The carpenter did a great job incorporating them.

Bedroom shelves


Room and Bed

Love the little hidden cubbies on the sides, it’s the perfect spot to store phones, iPads, midnight snacks…

I mean, just saying, I personally keep a bag (or 3) of gummy worms in my nightstand for emergency situations, ahem.

Bedroom shelves

My parents bathroom (I’ll be sharing that soon) only has one vanity, so my mom has this little corner of the bedroom to beautify herself (not that it takes much!)

The mirror is just propped up there for now, maybe someday it will be hung. My dad is one of those guys with a phobia of putting holes in the wall; my gallery wall would be enough to give him nightmares for a week.

A bedroom with a bed in a room

This is one of several mermaids that my mom collects, she also has a fondness for collecting bunnies, and grandchildren :)

A vase of flowers on a table

This has got to be the happiest little sign ever.

A glass with a blue vase on a table, with Room

A room filled with furniture and a wood floor

Sneak peek of the sitting room in this photo, that’s all you get for now!

Bedroom cabinets

A bedroom with a bed and window in a room

A bed in a room

So here’s the deal, basically I’m moving in…who’s with me???

Source List:

Bedding – Pottery Barn

Throw Pillows and Blue boxes – One Kings Lane

Paint Color – Peek O Blue by Clark+Kensington

Bench – local store called Blue Bird on the Moon

Mermaid and pulley’s – antique market

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  1. Such a beautiful room! I’m getting ready to redo our master bdrm. This gives me the ideas I needed. Thank you! BTW, the rest of your house is absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented. Congrats!!

  2. I love this! Our bedroom is still in the “storage room” stage, & our kids have been out of the house for at least 4 years! This give me a great visual to go from. Don’t have the lake view though.

    BTW I’d stay for the winter, nothing better than the view from inside a cozy room looking over a frozen lake. I’ll bring the Tim Horton’s hot chocolate & mini marshmallows.

  3. Great room! I have two oars I want to mount over our bed. Can you share how you installed the ones in your parent’s room?

  4. Love this so much. I am considering a similar solution for our condo that has very limited storage space. Is there ANY possible way I could see a snap shot of the interior of these closets? I LOVE THIS! Were there any plans used? Also, Who makes the bed?

    Thank you So much for sharing these amazing pics of this great project! I hope to hear from you!

    1. These were all custom built my a cabinet maker including the bed so I can’t help you out too much, thanks! Good luck with your condo!

  5. Hi, I love, Love, LOVE this framed bed! Did you all make this yourselves or did you buy it and put it together? I have a small house & this would be great for my bedroom.

  6. So pretty! I’m new here so just catching up a little… Really like the bed frame too, do you know where that came from? Looks just right for what I’d like to do in my own room! Also – the platform bed in the guest room with the storage baskets? Where did they get that? Thanks! Really enjoying your blog!

  7. I am in love with the dark floors! Any idea where the hardwood is from or what it’s called/who it’s by? THANK YOU!

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