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New (to me) Living Room Furniture

This is a story about true love…

and sacrifice…

and the lucky schmuck who benefits from it – me! :)

You have all seen my mom’s gorgeous house (or maybe you haven’t, check it out here). I love, love, love her living room furniture.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

It’s super comfy, covered in indoor/outdoor fabric so it’s really washable, and I love the shape.

Lake House Living Room

and now it’s MINE ALL MINE!!! (maniacal laugh, mahahaha)

You know who wasn’t so in love with them – my dad. My dad is 6 ft 3 and no matter how hard he tried to get comfortable, he looked like “fat guy in a little suit” (Chris Farley reference, my dad is actually quite a trim fellow) when he sat in these arm chairs. He could not sit for more than 20 minutes without going crazy.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

My poor mom who loves this furniture, but loves my dad and his poor back more, finally gave up on her pretty living room and took my dad to the furniture store to pick out new chairs.

Not just any chairs, but like old school barcaloungers with the kick out recliner and remote control to contour the seat completely to your body. Let’s just say she wouldn’t even let me photograph them for you – she loves them that much. I have to say these things are like sitting on a cloud though, but I told the Mr. not to get any big ideas.

Basically he needs to survive 25 more years of marriage to me before he earns a recliner…

There have been several guys in the neighborhood who have stopped by just to stare at them in awe. Like picture noses up against the glass, drool down their chin. My parents have been married 38 years and obviously it’s this type of love and sacrifice that makes it work ;)

Lake House living room

Buddy could not be happier to inherit these chairs as my mom’s dogs have already broken them in for him. I don’t think he has moved out of this spot since they arrived.

A dog lying on a bed

We lost a little bit of seating in here with the new furniture, but I love how open it feels now. The traffic flow of the room is so much better without that bulky love seat between the living room and the sunroom. Don’t worry, I have found a new home for all our old furniture throughout our house and I’ll be showing the different rooms that have been spruced up as a result over the next few weeks!

Lake House Cottage Style Home

I feel like I need to give a huge shout out and thank you to my poor selfless mother, who still visits her furniture from time to time. I caught her lovingly stroking her chair here the other day with a tear in her eye.

I also need to thank my Dad and his bad back ;)

I’m going to be sharing a full summer home tour next week on the blog, so stay tuned.

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  1. Kelly, Love the house! If possible, can you please share the name of the local store who made your custom chairs in a private message?? My husband is 6’6″ and is starting to have back issues and it is making quasi coastal redesign super difficult. Thanks. Excited to keep exploring.

    1. Hey Lynn I don’t honestly remember the name but the reason they got handed down to me was because my 6’3 Dad thought they were uncomfortable so I doubt they would work for your hubby :)

  2. Can you please let us know brand of chairs? I don’t think i see that info anywhere. Thanks!

    1. I would also kill for the manufacturer and model of those chairs, along with fabric info! Please please please!!

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