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A New Nursery

Back up, don’t get too excited with this title!  This nursery is definitely not for me, my baby days are over…

well, having my own baby days are over, my days of snuggling other people’s cute new little ones are just beginning!  

If you follow me on instagram you know I have a new sweet nephew in my life.  He is almost 2 weeks old and he is such a doll.  Thankfully he lives just down the street from us, so I can go inhale his sweet baby head whenever I want…and then pass him back when he does his business and is less than sweet smelling if you catch my drift :)  

My sister in law asked me for a bit of help with his nursery since they had a dark office with some old hand me down furniture to work with.  We painted the room a pale buttery yellow color to lighten it up and got to work on the furniture.

Colorful Dresser Redo

Sorry I have no before photos, I know I took some but I searched and searched and can’t seem to find them on my computer.  So just imagine dark brown, banged up furniture, with 50 years worth of scratches…you get the picture.


My sister in law wanted a really bright and colorful room with a cute woodland creature theme.  This was really fun for me because she wanted to go all out with the theme and I never did a big theme with my kids nurseries.  

I used white paint to ground the bright drawers and they added this fun card catalog looking hardware so they could stay organized.

Colorful Dresser Redo

We also gave this little nightstand a little lift too.  Much brighter than my normal all white everything, and so fun!

Colorful painted nightstand

I’ll be posting the cute mural I painted in here soon too, so stay tuned!

Oh and you can check out the nautical themed baby shower my mom and I threw here, wow that seems so long ago – can’t believe he is finally here!

PS I’m participating in a fun Thanksgiving tour with some of my favorite bloggers this week so make sure to check back Thursday for my Thanksgiving Mantel and check out all the other fab projects.


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  1. Oh you did such a nice job of repainting the furniture Kelly. I love the accessories too. I bet it was so much fun :-)

  2. Ahhhhhckkk so stinking cute!! I can’t wait to show you the newest quilt I’m working on right now for the shop – it would be sooo perfect! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!!! xo

  3. So cute! We are expecting our third child in April and we have just started working on the nursery (by “working,” I mean, we have started to clean the room out since it was previously the “junk room” – it will be a long time before we see any tangible progress on the actual transformation). I’ve been browsing for ideas and there are soooo many absolutely adorable things you can do with a nursery. They are usually the favorite room in the house! Love what you did with the multi-color dresser – great idea!

  4. Looks so cute and fun. Nurseries are just the best – you can do so many fun, colorful things in there that you would never consider in other rooms.

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