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My Paint Colors – 8 Relaxed Lake House Colors

So I have been meaning to write this post for about 9 months now, (does that make this my baby??) I even promised a few of you it was coming! Well, TADA better late than never right? I get an email about once a week or so asking what the paint colors in our house are and I’m always happy to list them all off, but how about some easy one stop shopping?

Lake House Paint Colors - The Lily Pad Cottage

I even made a fun graphic for you so you can pin it for easy reference. Here a few more details plus house shots so you can see the colors in action.

Family/Dining room – Benjamin Moore, Santorini Blue

I love how bright and cheery this color is and it really makes our dark floors and all my beloved white pop.

Dining area - www.thelilypadcottage.com

Master Bedroom/Bath – Benjamin Moore, Arctic Grey 

I have to say in person this has a little more blue in it than it looks on the swatch, but I absolutely love this color. Hands down my favorite paint in our house.

Master Bath - www.thelilypadcottage.com

 Playroom – Benjamin Moore, Newburyport Blue

This Navy is perfect for the nautical vibe in our playroom. I didn’t mention the beige color on the back wall in this photo, Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore, because  I recently painted it the Silver Side color (I’m getting there next!), but it is a nice neutral.

A playroom with blue walls

 Halls/Laundry Room – Mythic, Silver Side (141-2)

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect greige, light grayish, but not too grayish, with a hint of beige, not too cool, not too warm, not too dark, not too light… clearly I have Goldilocks problems…

If that sounds confusing to you, you should have seen the look the guy at the paint store gave me when I was describing this elusive color! I finally found one I was happy with though, Silver Side and I LOVE it. It makes our whole house feel light and airy without feeling cold.

A laundry room

Big Boy Room8784D Blackthorn 

I don’t know the brand on this color, it was a color match. If you hang out here often you know I like to wing it, I had the urge to paint little man’s room dark grey so I drove myself to the paint store and asked my poor paint guy for his paint decks. I just went with my gut and picked one, it was on an old deck but they matched it. When you google 8784D Blackthorn it still comes up, so hopefully your paint store can help you out. 

Nautical Big Boy Room Reveal - www.thelilypadcottage.com

Kids Bath – Benjamin Moore, You Are My Sunshine

How could I not pick a color with a name like that?


 Planked WallOlympic, Silver Feather

This is another example where I just winged it, picking out white can be tricky but this one is a cooler toned one that works well with the blues and grays in my house.

Planked Entry way and fun decor ideas

Big Girl Room- B731-4 Touch of Green

Ok so this one was tricky. I picked out a paint swatch at Lowe’s which was called Blanket by Valspar and for once took it home with me instead of pulling the trigger. I decided it would work and brought it to my local paint store to save myself a trip in town, (yes we live in the middle of nowhere) so my paint guy color matched it…

BUT one of my readers emailed me saying she went to use this on the wall and it was little brighter than mine. Which prompted me to grab my swatch and hold it up to my girlie’s walls. Sure enough it was a bit brighter, so I guess the color match wasn’t exactly right on.

I decided to do some research and brought my leftover paint to the paint store. They ran the numbers on the can and told me it was actually a color match of Para Paints B731-4 Touch of Green, which was as close as they could get to the Blanket color! I’m so glad I cleared that up and I sincerely apologize to anyone who asked me about this paint color and I led them astray – I didn’t realize the color match could be so far off. Although the colors are still pretty close, Touch of Green just has a bit more of, you guessed it – green in it :)

A bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room

Now that I have thoroughly confused you, here is my handy dandy color chart one more time…

Lake House Paint Colors - The Lily Pad Cottage

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  1. Hello –
    Just came upon your page because I’m in the process of starting to paint my lake house. I was wondering the color of your kitchen?


  2. For your first Annie Sloan painted armoire (grey and white colors), what colors of Annie Sloan paint did you use and in what order
    Colors and technique, please oh pretty please


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  6. I am considering using arctic gray in my large north facing living room with front and side windows. Does this color ever feel cold or icy? It’s open to a connecting hallway and large family room (was considering boothbay gray). Thanks!

    1. Hi Stella, it does feel cold and icy in the winter especially or on rainy days. I still love it though!

  7. I love the Santorini Blue and I am thinking it would look great on a piece of furniture and then carefully white wash and wipe off to give it that aged antique look, then maybe do a stencil to give it that one of a kind look. I have been experimenting with chalk paint and furniture but this blue is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi, I love your blog. I am also looking for this elusive imaginary greige!!! So looked up your silver side and it is just pure grey! Are you sure that is the name of the color?

    I am desperate for the perfect greige!

    1. Hi Isabelle I’ve had other people say they are having a hard time finding this color too but that’s whats on the top of the can – sorry!

      1. Kelly, thank you for your reply. Its just different houses :) all greige colors look silver/pure grey in our house. I dont know why. I guess i just have to get in board the cool grey train :)

        Love your house! Ive used your blog to convince my husband we need to buy this waterfront fixxer upper. He’s halfway on board!

  9. Hello! Beautiful colors. I was wondering if the You are my Sunshine has a touch of pink to it? It looks like it in the pictures but it seems to be in the yellows category.

  10. I love your paint colors! Your description of what you were looking for when you found silver side is exactly what I am currently looking for! Where did you find it? It looks like you can only order it online?

    1. Hi Rachel, I bought it at a local paint store but I’ve had lots of people say they can’t seem to find it. Not sure if they discontinued the color? Sorry!

    1. Hi Carrie not sure of the exact color since this was about 3 years ago now, I purchased it at Lowes and it was the darkest pink color they had, hope that helps?

  11. I commented on your home tour post asking what color was used in your dining room then I found this post. Is this the same color that is still in the dining room? Thank you so much for this post! I LOVE all of these colors! Our tastes are eerily similar…are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? :)

    1. Hi Connie, no I need to do an update paint post! This is actually Brittany Blue on the dining room now, thanks :)

  12. Hi Kelly
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your paint colors. We purchased a lake house last fall, and now are redecorating it. I am basically copying your decorating style and ideas. I have a BIG question for you:
    What type of paint finish did you use for: Arctic Grey
    Santorini Blue
    Silver Feather
    Silver Side
    Flat? Semi Gloss? Satin? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate your input here!

    1. Hi Sue! Paint finishes are SO tricky! I love the look of flat paint but with my kids running around I have found that an eggshell finish works much better for practicality, good luck with your redecorating!

    1. It’s Brittany Blue by Benjamin Moore – I need to update this post I have painted most of the walls again since this ha :)

  13. Hi Kelly!
    I just wanted to Thank You for some kitchen advice you gave me a while back. I went with the silestone counters and couldn’t be happier!! They look stunning with my white shaker cabinets and dark hardwoods. Thanks again!

  14. Hi Kelly, I love Your colour scheme! I live in Australia & these colours would suit our climate perfectly.
    What colour flows or joins your rooms?
    Warm Regards Sheree

  15. Dear Kelly,
    Wow! Love every room in your house! We are redoing a rental house and I chose a light gray for all the main rooms with white high gloss trim. All my drape rods are black along with my light fixtures I picked up at consignment, Black Lion type of shops. I have scrunch cream burlap on the cords, and cream burlap/ linen drapes trimmed in black I have several shadow boxes in white and black. So our cabinets are a oak in a dark stain, I want to chalk paint them. I want them to be a gray on the bottom, and cream on top??? Any suggestions on colors??? I will have new silver hardware. If not gray what colors do you suggest to give this house a chabby chic make over the master bedroom is in a lighter share of you are my sunshine. Again will redo the cabinets there. So pretty much the same colors you have adding cream burlap and black,

    1. I think the grey and white sounds fabulous!! I like Silent White by Clark+Kensington, that has been my go to white for a while now. There are too many greys out there to count, but I love the two tone idea!

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