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Playroom Laminate Flooring Reveal

Tada! The flooring is finished in the playroom, and we love it so much! I can’t believe how much cleaner it feels in here without carpet. Not to mention how much easier lego pickup is – we just sweep them all up with a dustpan and broom, it’s awesome. Also as a bonus, my kids have become obsessed with sweeping up here; they actually fight over the dust mop. I may need to buy them feather dusters for their birthdays :)

Playroom laminate flooring

I wanted to share pics before we moved most of the furniture and rug back into the room so you can really see how pretty the flooring is. We are so happy with our choice from BuildDirect, they provided us with the flooring for this project. I love having the look of hardwood, but having the durability of laminate.

A room with a wood floor

As you can see, it really looks like hardwood. It has great texture and dimension and there are 8 different types of boards, so there really isn’t a pattern you can see. Here are a few up close shots of the flooring so you can really see the grain and detail.

A close up of a wooden floor

To refresh your memory this is the Lamton White Dogwood from BuildDirect. You can read more info here about my how I made my selection, but BuildDirect Home Marketplace made the whole process so effortless! I love how much variation there is in the floor, because it really hides crumbs and dirt!


I recruited my Uncle Rick, who built our sunroom for us, to help me out with laying all the flooring. The Mr. has been crazy busy at work and this was such a massive project to try to tackle on our own. We replaced all the carpeting upstairs, which is about 1,200 sq feet of flooring, a little daunting to face alone!

A large empty room

This flooring was so easy to lay down. That is the other thing about laminate, there are really no special tools you need besides a good saw, mallet, and your hands. It’s a floating floor so it just snaps all together. Even the Mr. could do it and we all know how handy he is ;)

A close up of a door

I’ll be showing you all the details of the completed room later this week, because it looks totally different than it used to and you might notice a few changes already (hello new wall hanging and drapes)! Here’s one last sneak peek.

A living room filled with furniture on top of a hard wood floor


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  1. Hi Kelly, love the floors and all of your tutorials. I’ve read through most of your laminate flooring posts and wondered: which underlayment do you use? Do you also get it from BuildDirect? Would love a link if so. In your sunroom tutorial it sounded so easy and don’t want to reinvent the wheel trying to pick one, if I don’t have to. :)

    Thanks and am enjoying the posts about your new house as well!

    1. Hi Kelly, I believe BuildDirect will recommend one for you when you put the flooring in your cart? Like it says at the bottom “you may also need this” but you can also call their help line they are super helpful and knowledgeable!

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