Reader Survey – the Results!

Big thanks to all of you that took my little survey! I have to admit I was a little scaaaaared to see what you all would say, but you guys, you are SO my people! Seriously, the feedback was amazing and the criticism was genuinely helpful. I thought you all might like to hear the results a bit and it will help me sort it all out to write it down, so hey lets go!

Question 1 – How do you follow my blog?

The vast majority of you subscribe thru email, which is great! I have to say that is the only way I can guarantee you will see all of my posts. I think we all know by now social media is changing and even if you follow me on Facebook the chances are slim that you will ever see one of my posts over there. A lot of you also have my site bookmarked, which I was surprised by, but that is a good idea too!

Question 2 – How often do you check my blog?

This one was all over the board, which is probably my fault since I don’t really stick to a schedule (which some of you mentioned would be nice!) I know, I wish I could tell you to count on certain days I will post, unfortunately life happens and I’m doing my best (especially lately) to concentrate on living life more versus blogging about it. Someday when little man is in school full time with my daughter, I hope to be more organized, but for now all you get is your usual fly by the seat of my pants post when I have a minute!

Question 3 – How long have you been reading?

I have to say there were a LOT of you who have been faithfully reading forever and I can’t thank you enough for sticking around! There was also a lot of newbies too, major props to the person who had only been reading an hour and still took my survey :)

Question 4 – What types of posts are your favorite?

This one was all over the map, which is good! Because basically it means that I can still post about all of the below and I’ll be making someone out there happy. I’m going to try to diversify a bit more in 2015 just for my own sanity, it’s hard to constantly be changing my house and it isn’t very realistic either. The good news? You can pick and choose what you want to read, not interested in makeup? Skip that post, the next week I may have a great recipe or a quick DIY project for you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.33.45 AM

Question 5. What do you want to see more of 2015?

Here I got some great suggestions, several of you suggested I take reader design questions, which I love that idea (more on that later) also I was totally flattered that quite a few of you wanted photography tips, because I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing with my camera.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.39.21 AM

Question 6. How many posts a week to you want to see?

Ok, this is where you are my people!!! I have to say the overwhelming response for this was written in the comments section – seriously so many of you responded “how ever many you have time for” or “you are a busy mama whenever you get the chance, don’t stress yourself”.

I can’t tell you how thankful and grateful I am for such amazing readers, who appreciate the fact that I’m flighty and busy and trying my best to make everyone happy. I have to laugh – the Mr. called me last week and  I was all out of breath. He was like “what are you doing?” and I said “Cooking tacos, sewing a teepee, breaking up a wrestling match and doing laundry, what are you doing?” he has come to accept this as the norm, as he just said “oh, well I’m running late, be home at 7:30!” :)

I’m really trying in the new year to find more balance for my family, both my kids have mentioned to me separately (so I know they aren’t secretly in cahoots) about how much they loved the past few weeks I’ve taken off and how much fun they had playing all day with me. Knife in the gut people, knife in the gut! So, for the new year, I’m going to try to hang out with my kids more while they still like me, and I’ll probably be posting over here once, maybe twice a week.

Question 7. What is your age range?

Well a lady never tells, but I’ll tell you I’m 31. I was just trying to get a feel for who I’m talking to looking toward the new year and thinking more about makeup/style posts and making sure I’m talking to all of you and not just a select group.

Question 8 – Is there anything you want me to change about my site?

For the most part you all were pretty good with my site, several of you would like a better mobile theme for your phones and that is definitely on my to do list.

A few of you are annoyed with my “subscribe to my email pop up” and I totally get it. It is set to only pop up once a month (let me know if you see it more often!) and I wouldn’t use it if so many people didn’t realize subscribing thru email was an option. Even my own mother was surprised she could do that until the pop up, so I figured it’s an easy way to inform people.

The other thing you aren’t so happy with is the truncated posts and annoying ads – so I’ll just explain a little behind that and hope I don’t sound horrible and greedy in the process. In order for me to keep the lights on over here on my blog, so to speak, I rely on page views. I only get a page view if you click over to my blog to read. My email subscription list is quite large and if I lost all those who clicked over it would really affect my page views. I want you to know I’m not counting my millions in the bank while you all are busy annoyingly clicking over, but there are a lot of costs incurred with running a blog that non-bloggers may not know about. I have to pay for monthly hosting, tech support, email subscription service, domain registering, editing software, camera equipment…the list goes on and on. Really, running a blog this size costs money, not to mention the money it takes to constantly be making new projects.

So, I hope you all can deal with the ads I have running, the truncated posts, and a few sponsored posts here and there. I promise it’s all for the greater good, because if I didn’t have a way to justify some of these costs, the Mr. would not be so on board with my hobby/jobby here.

Question 9 – Anything you would change about my site?

Lots of great feedback here too – a couple common questions that I can help with were –

An easy way to search for past projects – check out my sidebar on the right near the top, see the box that says search? Just type in your topic and there you go!

Someone else wanted paint color names, just type paint colors in the search box and you will find a big ole list :)

You can also find a lots of my projects on my DIY page, one of you mentioned it just allows you to pin, but not actually visit the post. You just need to double click and it should take you there.

I  got a few comments on my run on sentences and lack of grammar. Which made me laugh and I totally get it! I promise I could write you a perfectly grammatically correct term paper if I tried, and I even aced one of those grammar tests on Facebook (we all know how accurate those tests are, because clearly if I was a Disney princess I would be Ariel, I should live in Colorado and Rose is my golden girl alter ego), but I’m trying to write in a way that hopefully gets my personality across. I want you to feel like we are hanging out, having coffee in the sunroom and this is just me. I mean it’s hard to get across the actual amount of crazy hand gestures I’m using without an over abundance of exclamation points, smiley faces and run on sentences…it just is…but I will try to keep them in check…


My favorite response was “you waited too long to post the finished sunroom, I almost gave up” which made me laugh out loud because I almost gave up too! I wish my blog could be more like HGTV where I could show you the finished project in 30 minutes, but unfortunately it really took til October to finish the sunroom and my sofa didn’t come until the end of November, so I promise I wasn’t leaving you hanging on purpose!

10. Do you have any questions for me?

There was lot’s of fun questions in this one that I will turn into it’s own post, because I’ve probably rattled on too long here already and you are all unsubscribing as we speak :)

Ok, if you made it thru this whole discombobulated post, then you’re my hero AND I will be back later in the week with a real home decor related post. Promise, I even took the photos already and everything!

OH, OH, and wait, LOTS of you requested more photos of the backyard and our surrounding areas. I just found this gem I took right before Christmas when the lake only had a thin layer of ice on it.

A sunset over a body of water

Boom, wish granted!

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  1. HI! I didn’t take your survey AND someone may have mentioned it AND there may be no way to change it, but I hate it when I scroll over a image and it goes dull when the pin it image pops up. I feel like I spend A LOT of time going back and forth just to get a look at the picture. Especially if your post has lots of pictures. Does that make sense. I love your blog, love your style, love reading!! thanks!

  2. I didn’t see the survey but would have taken it if I had! I love your blog – your home is so beautiful! Also, I love the way you write and wish my personality would come over more in my blog posts, so don’t change it! Looking forward to seeing more in 2015

  3. Thanks for the super-fast results of the survey. Bottom-line – write the way you speak (loving your bubbly & very real personality), keep your priorities straight (hubby & kiddos first), and keep those ideas coming. Your energy exudes through your blog and gets us all motivated. Thanks Kelly!

  4. Love your blog. That is all! You have a freshness and a sense of humor in your writing. Looking forward to this years posts. Kathleen in Az

  5. I took the survey and I’m glad to see that overall your results were positive. I agree with the comments about grammar and what not. I think writing the way you talk on a blog is what you’re supposed to do because it does make it more likely a friendly conversation that you pick up every so often. I also must say I am a fan of the non-daily post for a few reasons but mainly because the posts are better. They are more thoughtful and have good information in them rather than just pictures of what you ate and things like that. So I am all for the weekly posts. I started following your blog when I stumbled across your laundry room reveal (which I love) and then I took the house tour and loved your house. But as I started reading your posts I think they are all funny and your humor comes across and as a fellow mom of two small children the same ages as your children, I can relate and empathize with where you are in life. So fun post! Thanks for sharing the results.

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