Rub a Dub Dub

One of my favorite ways to relax is reading a book in the tub. When we built this house I begged, pleaded and offered to sell my left kidney politely requested one thing, a big ole pedestal soaking tub. But eek! there is definitely a price hike involved. So in the spirit of compromise, I gave up having a tiled shower (we went with a fiberglass one) and we laid all the tile in the bathroom ourselves. We crunched the numbers and fit the tub in the budget (YAY)!

A large tub next to a window

Isn’t she a beaut? So worth every minute tiling this floor while 5 months pregnant!


Speaking of which, this hex tile is so fun and relatively easy to lay, it comes in big square sheets. Grouting all those little lines is the only thing that is a pain.

A sink and a white tub sitting next to a windowA shower curtain

The blah shower I covered up with a pretty Pottery Barn shower curtain.And oops if you look close, you can see the huge hole in the wall that I was trying to hide with my towels. Let’s just say my shelves are now hung with sinkers and I have recovered from the middle of the night heart attack I suffered when these suckers fell down!


A bathroom with a sink and a window
We pretty much have white cabinetry every where in our house but the master bath. I love the way the dark maple contrasts with the white floors and counter tops.
Marble bathroom countertops

Speaking of counter tops, remember how I wanted marble in the kitchen? (check out our kitchen here)

I got my wish in the master bath.
A bathroom with a sink and a window
A double sink and large mirror

My fun IKEA shelves properly hung with sinkers :)

A room with a sink and a mirror

The view is pretty relaxing too!

A large tub next to a window

The hallway leading from the master to the bath.


A view of a bathroom

Now if I could just have a few minutes to soak in peace without my little muchkins banging on the door begging to “go swimming in the pool” too :)


Hope you have a relaxing place in your house to recharge!



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  1. If I didn’t read the text I would think that bathroom is from a hotel. It’s damn gorgeous, I will definitely spend my whole day in it. The best thing I love is the lake view, really really beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. Love it.

    P.s: Can I borrow your bathroom sometimes?

  2. I love your bathroom! I was wondering what tub is it? Brand and style? And how long it is. Also is your counters carrera marble or another style? O beautiful! Thank you! D.D.

  3. I went searching for the color paint you used in your bathroom and found it. Thanks! I will check out BM Arctic Gray. Does it have a bit of blue in it? Anyway, beautiful bathroom!

    Your blog is amazing. You are a beautiful and talented woman who is using the gifts God gave you to make a lovely home for your family. I also live on a lake in Virginia and am looking for a modest size house plan that still has ALL the features on my wish list AND is loaded with charm AND works to let in the view of the lake. Could you give me any ideas where to look for a plan similar to yours. Thank you for the inspiration!


  4. I love what you have done with your bath! It’s spacious and simply gorgeous. That tub is the bomb, and the view…unbelievable! I like the dark contrast of the cabinets, too, and the tops are very pretty. It’s all heavenly, Kelly!

    I just found your blog and you have a new follower!


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