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Rustic Beam Breakfast Nook

Hey! Sorry for the loooong unplanned blogging break. My camera broke. Like totally fizzled, wouldn’t even turn on, broke. I took it as a sign to take a few weeks off and hang with my kids the last bit of summer. My kids started school yesterday and I somehow survived bringing my youngest baby boy to kindergarten. I was totally “that mom” sobbing in her car and I have already explained to him how mommy is going to need to be his college roommate, because I can’t live without him. I’m sure he will get on board with that plan eventually…maybe if I promise to do his laundry?

A breakfast nook window seat

To make myself feel better I took a solo Target trip, which I have to admit was kind of amazing. I found these cute pillows on clearance and when do cute/cheap throw pillows not make everything better? It’s not time that heals all wounds, pillows people, pillows are healing.

A vase of flowers on a table next to a window

Also helping are caramel m&m’s…the family size.

Rustic Beam Breakfast nook blue white pillows

I finally bought myself a new camera (the guy at the camera store may have laughed at my 9 year old camera and told me it wasn’t worth trying to fix…) and I’m still getting used to all the bells and whistles.

A breakfast nook with wicker chairs and rustic beams

I thought I would share our little rustic beam breakfast nook today, since that is where the cute pillows ended up. It was a little odd to have the house all to myself for a photo shoot for once. The good news for you is no kids all day means more blog posts to read, but more on that in a minute.

Window Seat Rustic Beam Breakfast Nook

We have been loving this space and we eat here every night when it’s not nice enough to eat outside. It’s so cozy and perfect for our family of four. If you remember we saved these old beams from the house we tore down and I love the character they add to my white kitchen.

Rustic beams in a kitchen

I found this table on gilt.com I was having the hardest time finding an oval table that was small. This window is 7 ft wide and I wanted our kids to be able to slide around easily so I went with a 5 ft table. I tucked our old Ikea wicker chairs around it for now, but the white cushions aren’t the most practical in here, so I’m keeping my eye out for something different.

A breakfast nook with wood table and beams

We tiled this whole back wall to add more texture and really make this area feel like an extension of the kitchen. There was originally supposed to be wall sconces on either side of the beams, but when we tried to open the glass cabinet doors they hit the fixtures. It was such a bummer.

We planted lots of hydrangea bushes around the house and I’m loving having all the fresh flowers to cut and use around the house.

A vase of flowers sitting on top of a wooden table

While I’ve got you here, I wanted to talk about the state of the blog going forward. I’m hoping to get on a regular schedule now that my kids are at school all day. The plan is to post a home decor/project related post every Wednesday.

I’m also hoping to start a new series on the blog on Fridays called “Friday Feels” which will basically be what I’m “feeling” at the moment (I know I’m so clever with my alliteration). Consider it the miscellaneous page of the blog. I used to blog more about recipes, life, and products I was loving and I miss it. Planning/building the house became all consuming, and I really struggled to get even one post a week done this past year. I’m really excited to share recipes I love, and new products I’ve tried and even just whatever weird thrift find I’ve picked up again with you all. (Sidenote I found out that my vintage green table is ACTUALLY an indian wedding table like the guy said! Seriously google indian wedding table and you will find an exact pic of my table in various colors, crazy!)

rustic beams kitchen breakfast nook

Anyways, I hope you all will enjoy following along with my Friday ramblings too, but I still have plenty of new house stuff to share. Thanks for sticking with me through this last sporadic year of posting. Now excuse me while I go eat the rest of the m&m’s before my kids get off the bus ;)

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Ticking pillows – Pottery Barn

Diamond pillows – Target

Floral pillow – I made it out of an Anthropologie napkin

Wicker chairs – Ikea

Blanket – H&M (from last year)

Subway tile – Lowe’s

Flooring – Build Direct (you can find my post about it here)

Paint Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Copper pitcher – Flea market

Table – Gilt.com they don’t have it anymore


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