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Sunroom Update – Outside

It’s been a while since the last sunroom update and a lot has happened! The outside is this close to being done and we just need paint and furniture on the inside, Whoop-whoop! We are almost there people! Today, I’m just sharing the outside. Cross your fingers the inside may be painted by the end of the week and I’ll have an update on that for you too.

A large lawn in front of a house

So here’s where we are at today! You may notice we are still missing quite a bit of siding…

Home renovation exterior photo

See that bit of metal roofing that’s missing as well? That’s what’s causing all the hold ups on the outside, apparently we can’t find the same style of roofing, but they are still looking. In the meantime, the siding can’t go back on until the roof is finished. There will also be another window box where you see those 3 brown rectangles and shutters on this window as well…someday. If anyone knows where to find this roof in the meantime let me know!!

Outdoor furniture on a deck While we are up here we might as well check out the railing! We went with white posts and railings and dark brown rails to be less of a distraction from the view. I also love how they tie in with our dark doors, window boxes and furniture.

Outdoor furniture on a deck

Speaking of furniture ta-da! We splurged on these comfy chairs from Pottery Barn, they are really comfortable and the Mr. and I have been enjoying hanging out here in the evenings. The kids also manage to squeeze in these with us too. Oh, and the rug I found on sale at Frontgate. I still need to find a table and accessories for up here, but I haven’t figured all that out yet.

Gray and white siding

Looking up from the deck, we added this bump out with the corbels up in the peak here to add a bit more interest. Those 3 holes will be sporting fun barn lights soon, so stay tuned on that one.

Gray and white cottage with sunroom

We originally planned on keeping all the paneling on the outside white and I did love it, but when you live on a lake you tend to think about what your house looks like from a distance. When we were out on the boat it looked pretty blah all white and you couldn’t tell how pretty the windows and trim were, so I painted all the panels grey to match the siding and I love the way it pops now.


A large lawn in front of a house


Gray and white cottage and patio

The Mr. and I spent all weekend digging up our landscaping (and consequently poking holes in our underground sprinkling – whoopsie) and moving it around to make it work with the addition. I will be planting more color in the front next spring.

A large lawn in front of a house

See? Getting there! To see more of our sunroom plans you can click here, here or here.

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