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Thanksgiving Chalkboard

So I finally did it – I erased my October chalkboard (see it here). Sigh…this was harder than I thought, this was after all the chalkboard that started my whole blog!


Onto the Thanksgiving Chalkboard…

A blackboard sign



This board is a lot more simplistic than my last for 3 reasons.

1. It is only going to be up for a few weeks, I’m itching to do a Christmas one!

2. The stomach flu has hit our house and this is about all I could rustle up.

3. This is all I got left of my chalk supply :)


Hand holding chalk


I had a lot of questions about how I did my last chalkboard so, I’ll break it down a bit for you.


First off, I start searching Pinterest for different fonts I like.

A screen shot of an open laptop computer sitting on top of a table


Then I sketch out what I want to do.

A close up of a blackboard

I start to fill in the detail.

A close up of a blackboard


I use my pinky finger to blend the letters in.

A close up of a hand

My hand looks totally creepy in this picture, and slightly like I’m showing you the wrong finger…

I promise it IS my pinky finger!

A close up of a sign

I should mention this chalk board is huge, 5 ft by 5 ft.


I added this fun little turkey at the bottom to make my kids smile.

A close up of a blackboard
A close up of a sign


A close up of a sign

So that’s it, like I said not as complicated as my last one, and I probably won’t hesitate to erase this time  – but still totally fun!


Now, if we could all feel better, I could show you the rest of my switcheroo from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor. Hope you all are staying healthy!


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