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White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

The sun is shining here in MI today and I’m tempted to break out the outdoor furniture! It sounds like more snow is on the way, but the appearance of the sun does mean that I finally had some light to shoot our master bedroom this morning! White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

white upholstered bed with blue bedding in a lake house master bedroom

So, SOOOO many questions about our new bed, (I don’t blame you, I’m obsessed with it and you can’t beat the price!) that even though I still haven’t figured out my new light fixture situation in here, I wanted to share some progress shots of our white and blue lake house master bedroom.

lake house master bedroom white bed wood nightstands

And here we go! First up, I received many questions on the bed color – we have it in white, and I feel like it’s a pretty true white.

white linen upholstered bed

Our walls are painted Extra White by Sherwin Williams, and it doesn’t look too creamy or “dirty” against them at all. I am really pleased with the quality of this bed for the price.

lake house bedroom white upholstered bed blue bedding

The fabric has a nice linen texture to it and it was fairly easy to put together. My 7-year-old and I assembled it on snow day number 4 million or something… :)  I’m thinking of hiring him out around town to assemble IKEA furniture next!

lake house master bedroom white upholstered bed blue bedding jute rug

I kept our same Serena & Lily duvet cover and shams, but added in some cute Target pillows I snagged on sale (They are from Threshold, but I can’t find them online).

wood 2 drawer nightstands

Here are the new nightstands in action! I’ve been having so much fun styling these! The bigger nightstands have been amazing to have more storage, and I love that the drawers have an outlet right in them. We keep our kid’s electronic devices in the Mr.’s nightstand so I know where they are and my kids can “check them out” when they want to use their screentime.

wood 2 drawer nightstands lake house master bedroom

I found these little round baskets that are the perfect size to fit on the open shelf and it’s been nice to hide away any clutter in them that would normally be on the nightstand top. Pens, change, hair ties, etc… all get hidden away.

wood 2 drawer nightstands

I’m in love with this cute little bird planter, it’s from Target too, but of course, I can’t find it online. Sorry about that!

wood 2 drawer nightstands bird planter

I feel like our painting and wall sconces become the focal point with the cleaner lines of this bed, and it’s so much more comfortable to watch tv or work on our laptops in here at night.

lake house master bedroom white bed blue bedding

I’m still deciding between losing the bench in here or not. We originally got the bench because our old bed was so high that Charlie couldn’t jump on or off. This one is at an easy height for him, but my creature of habit the Mr. has gotten used to having this bench here to put his socks and shoes on every morning so we shall see. What do you guys think? Are you team “bench” or “no bench”? Or third option “new bench”? The Mr. would like to state he is very much against the third option, ha…

white and blue master bedroom

white and blue bedroom jute rug

I also had a few comments regarding if this was the only storage we had. I guess I don’t share this side of the room much because I really, really need to refinish this dresser. It was my Great Grandmothers, and I’ve had it forever, but it has some issues from being in storage when we were building. As soon as it’s a safe temp to paint outside I have plans to sand it down and give it a fresh coat of paint plus possibly some new hardware.

white dresser framed tv

Overall, I’m finally happy with the direction this room is going! I just need to figure out my light fixture situation but don’t worry, I will report back soon.

white dog blue bedding

Charlie would like you to note that he doesn’t care what the bed looks like as long as I stop removing him from it to take photos…

wood nightstand white upholstered bed blue bedding master bedroom

SOURCE LIST: Contains affiliate links (just click the bold words) White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

Bed – find it here

Nightstands – here

Wall Colors – Extra White by Sherwin Williams and Silverstrand by Sherwin Williams

Rug – here

Bench – here

Flooring – here

Lights – here

Painting – Melissa Lyon’s art

Baskets – I can’t find the exact ones but these are similar

tray – here

Striped duvet cover – here

Shams – here

Throw pillows – Target, I can’t find a link online but they are from Threshold

Tall vases and planter – Hobby Lobby

Throw blanket – here

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  1. How about a comfy chair in the corner between the dresser and the window wall for the Mr.? He could put his shoes on as well as have a seat. ?

  2. Your new furniture looks really nice, Kelly. If you took out the bench, maybe a nice chair in the corner would work out for husband.

  3. I am on the fence about the bench. I would probably keep it because I am sure it would be perfect for putting on shoes and socks, but I like how the room looks without the bench. Since you already have it, I’d keep it. But if you didn’t have it, I’d say don’t get one.

  4. Since the Mr is super supportive of your love for decorating and likes the bench, definitely keep it… And it works beautifully in the room, too. Consider switching out the legs, though. Not a fan of those. Lovely room overall!

  5. The MBR is looking splendid, especially in the sunshine! I say keep the bench (cuz you wouldn’t want the Mr. running around barefoot, would you)? ?

  6. Looks cozy! I think you need to keep a bench, either change the legs on the existing one (the lines aren’t right any longer without the curve of the bed or other nightstands) or a new bench (sorry Mr.)

  7. I’m for the bench, I think it completes the room especially since you have the space for it….my bedroom is very tiny with only about 4’ between the foot of the bed and the dresser …I would love to have a bench, but alas….it would leave a teeny tiny walk thru which my husband would definitely complain about and I admit would make it look cluttered….but yours does look cluttered in the slightest.

  8. Hi Kelly,

    Love your room, Im team bench. We have one at the end of my bed and it’s great for all of my pillows other wise there all over the floor. What did you use for window treatments?
    Thanks again for sharing.

  9. I vote for the bench……looks great and more importantly, its functional for hubby! I too have a puppy who takes over the bed and every beautiful throw that I own! Love your home.

  10. Always love the white and blue. No bench, sorry Mr. where did you get the ceiling fan? Looking for a new fan. Thanks.

    1. Hey Valeria, it’s from Home Depot but they don’t carry it anymore. We are actually replacing it because it doesn’t work which is maybe why they discontinued it!

  11. Again, outstanding!!! Love the bench. When are you coming to decorate my home? And bring the little guy, I will hire him.

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