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White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

The sun is shining here in MI today and I’m tempted to break out the outdoor furniture! It sounds like more snow is on the way, but the appearance of the sun does mean that I finally had some light to shoot our master bedroom this morning! White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

white upholstered bed with blue bedding in a lake house master bedroom

So, SOOOO many questions about our new bed, (I don’t blame you, I’m obsessed with it and you can’t beat the price!) that even though I still haven’t figured out my new light fixture situation in here, I wanted to share some progress shots of our white and blue lake house master bedroom.

lake house master bedroom white bed wood nightstands

And here we go! First up, I received many questions on the bed color – we have it in white, and I feel like it’s a pretty true white.

white linen upholstered bed

Our walls are painted Extra White by Sherwin Williams, and it doesn’t look too creamy or “dirty” against them at all. I am really pleased with the quality of this bed for the price.

lake house bedroom white upholstered bed blue bedding

The fabric has a nice linen texture to it and it was fairly easy to put together. My 7-year-old and I assembled it on snow day number 4 million or something… :)  I’m thinking of hiring him out around town to assemble IKEA furniture next!

lake house master bedroom white upholstered bed blue bedding jute rug

I kept our same Serena & Lily duvet cover and shams, but added in some cute Target pillows I snagged on sale (They are from Threshold, but I can’t find them online).

wood 2 drawer nightstands

Here are the new nightstands in action! I’ve been having so much fun styling these! The bigger nightstands have been amazing to have more storage, and I love that the drawers have an outlet right in them. We keep our kid’s electronic devices in the Mr.’s nightstand so I know where they are and my kids can “check them out” when they want to use their screentime.

wood 2 drawer nightstands lake house master bedroom

I found these little round baskets that are the perfect size to fit on the open shelf and it’s been nice to hide away any clutter in them that would normally be on the nightstand top. Pens, change, hair ties, etc… all get hidden away.

wood 2 drawer nightstands

I’m in love with this cute little bird planter, it’s from Target too, but of course, I can’t find it online. Sorry about that!

wood 2 drawer nightstands bird planter

I feel like our painting and wall sconces become the focal point with the cleaner lines of this bed, and it’s so much more comfortable to watch tv or work on our laptops in here at night.

lake house master bedroom white bed blue bedding

I’m still deciding between losing the bench in here or not. We originally got the bench because our old bed was so high that Charlie couldn’t jump on or off. This one is at an easy height for him, but my creature of habit the Mr. has gotten used to having this bench here to put his socks and shoes on every morning so we shall see. What do you guys think? Are you team “bench” or “no bench”? Or third option “new bench”? The Mr. would like to state he is very much against the third option, ha…

white and blue master bedroom

white and blue bedroom jute rug

I also had a few comments regarding if this was the only storage we had. I guess I don’t share this side of the room much because I really, really need to refinish this dresser. It was my Great Grandmothers, and I’ve had it forever, but it has some issues from being in storage when we were building. As soon as it’s a safe temp to paint outside I have plans to sand it down and give it a fresh coat of paint plus possibly some new hardware.

white dresser framed tv

Overall, I’m finally happy with the direction this room is going! I just need to figure out my light fixture situation but don’t worry, I will report back soon.

white dog blue bedding

Charlie would like you to note that he doesn’t care what the bed looks like as long as I stop removing him from it to take photos…

wood nightstand white upholstered bed blue bedding master bedroom

SOURCE LIST: Contains affiliate links (just click the bold words) White and Blue Lake House Master Bedroom

Bed – find it here

Nightstands – here

Wall Colors – Extra White by Sherwin Williams and Silverstrand by Sherwin Williams

Rug – here

Bench – here

Flooring – here

Lights – here

Painting – Melissa Lyon’s art

Baskets – I can’t find the exact ones but these are similar

tray – here

Striped duvet cover – here

Shams – here

Throw pillows – Target, I can’t find a link online but they are from Threshold

Tall vases and planter – Hobby Lobby

Throw blanket – here

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  1. Love your style! Will you please share the dimensions of you’re windows to the sides of you’re bed? And if you know it, the names of your windows (MFG and line). Beautiful!

  2. Can you tell me how you make your TV frame/box? I saw it in your bedroom and in a basement family room as well. It looks great!! Thanks!
    Also, do I just have to check here or will I be emailed if you respond??
    You are amazing!

  3. Kelly, we want to order your master bedroom bed from all modern today. I would like to confirm the color is zuma white. Do you have the platform bed or the channel bed type with your mattress and box spring?

  4. Hi there! I’m a little late to the party but fell in love with the bed, but your link is bad!

    Any chance you could pass along what bed it is?

  5. Hi Kelly. I LOVE this bedroom! Can you tell me about the floor AND the white wall behind the headboard. Are those trim pieces or 1″x12″ wood pieces on the wall? Thanks so much!

    1. They are 2 inch boards that are 12 inches apart and if you go to the FAQ page on my blog you will find the flooring details – thanks!

  6. I am following you for a while and I really really love your style.
    I am from Europe (Greece ??) and I just moved to Florida and try to decorate my new house. I adore your style and reminds me a lot of houses in Greek islands. I Don’t know if it’s a silly question but you have also bought a box springs isn’t it?What kind did you get? (how many inches?, a low one?). And one more question, how tall is your mattress? I saw that the bed and the headboard have pretty much a big gap between. I would like to eliminate this gap as much possible, that’s why I am asking ☺️.
    Thank you

    1. We have a 4 or 5-inch boxspring and our mattress is 16 inches I think? There is no gap, it’s pretty tight to make the bed.

  7. Hi! Love the room! I’m wondering what is the paint color on your other walls? Thank you! Carin

    1. I believe its called Silver Strand if you search lake house paint colors on the blog a post with all the colors should pop up!

  8. Looks beautiful! What did you do for window treatments? Hard to tell in the picture because every blends in so nicely with windows and doors (unless there is no treatments).

    1. We have those pull down cellular blinds, they practically disappear when they are up which is why we chose them.

  9. Love the bench! Wouldn’t be opposed to a new bench, although I do love the current one, but for sure a bench!

    Can you post about your window treatments? I love the look but I’m thinking you make it private at night, especially in front of your beautiful tub. It looks like you have something there…..please tell us!


    1. Hi Debbie they are pull down cellular blinds from Budget Blinds. I like that they disappear completely when they are up but they offer complete privacy when they are down – thanks!

  10. I’m sorry I’m looking everywhere to try and figure this out – how tall are your master bedroom ceilings? We are building and the cathedral ceiling we wanted isnt possible with aour hip roof, but I’m not loving tray ceilings. I love your master and was wondering if you’ve got a 9ft or 8ft ceiling in there.

    1. Hey Melissa we had the same issue with our hip roof. Our ceilings are 9 ft everywhere besides the vaulted living room.

  11. Hello
    Just wondering how the rug has held up? I am thinking about it for my living room which is a high traffic area. The reviews on line are varied. Thanks!

    By the way, just beautiful:)

    1. Hey Tami, I’m not sure I would use this in a high traffic area. It has been great in our bedroom but I have trimmed a few pieces of the jute that have popped up after vacuuming etc. not sure if that would get worse with a ton of traffic?

  12. I LOVE those nightstands! Currently looking for new ones and wish we had the space for them. The wood tone is perfect. Beautiful room. I am team bench :)

  13. I am team bench! Where are your window shades from? I’ve been looking for something similar…I love that they hide so well!

  14. I’m trying to gauge the headboard height. Do you have both a mattress and box spring on top of the bed rails?


    1. Yes we have a mattress and box spring. If you click on the link all the dimensions of the bed are included on their site :)

  15. Love the blue and white! Your room looks beautiful and the bench is a nice touch especially if the Mr. uses it!

  16. Kelly! I have followed you SINCE you started blogging. Seriously love your style and this bed! I never never would have said $600 for a king. I mean really. SUCH a good price. But I am already bugging my Mr. for the new sofa you snagged because we moved too 1.5 yrs ago and ours has never worked. In fact, number rearrange 35 today. So I am hoping he will see the light via your gorgeous pics. Thanks!

    1. We actually have a queen bed but it’s still a great price for the nice quality of the bed and thanks for sticking with me so long :)

  17. All looks beautiful!! Keep the bench because it’s very functional and you have the room for it!!

  18. Very nice work Kelly! Love the bed and am voting to keep the bench, especially since you have plenty of room for it. Not sure what options you are considering to replace the fan, but I think a fixture with rattan shade would look awesome and add some nice texture ?

    1. Yes actually I blogged about that a few weeks ago with a few different rattan ones I’m considering! Great minds think alike ;)

  19. I’m for keeping the bench. We have one and use it to put on our shoes. It is convenient and can be styled
    with a throw to feel welcoming.

  20. Are the height of the nightstands comfortable when lying in bed? They seem so short. Love your house! It is a dream i wish i could have.

    1. Hey, Marilyn, they are a pretty typical nightstand height from what I found shopping around. I think they look lower because of the height of our windows. They are actually the same height as our mattress so very comfortable to reach.

  21. Team bench, for sure! Charlie would be so disappointed without one. The bench legs coordinated perfectly with the curvy lines of your old bed, which I loved, but not so much with the modern round black legs of the new bed. Even if you switch out the bench legs or get a new bench (I like option 3), you might want to try wrapping the black bed legs with some similar white fabric or even paper, just to see how it looks, because the black legs really stand out against the rug and white bed frame. Wrapping them would soften that area visually. Of course, that’s just my two cents worth. I LOVE your new bed and nightstands! Your bedroom is beautiful! :)

    1. The black legs of the bed don’t show as much in person as they do in photos. Especially because I typically shoot my photos at waist height but we never view them that low in real life. I’m glad you are on team new bench! I think the curvy legs are what is bugging me about the bench in here, I’ll have to see if swapping them out is an option!

  22. Just love this whole room! I love the bench! A nice chair in the corner would work well also but then Charlie couldn’t get on the bed. ;) He is so darn cute! I was wondering what color you would be painting your grandmas pretty dresser? I inherited my grandmas cherry wood bedroom furniture and I’m thinking of painting it white to go with my lighter style. Love your whole house! ?

    1. Oh a fun chair would be nice! Decisions, decisions! I’ll probably paint it white again but I’m thinking of adding antique brass handles.

  23. Team Chair. The room is beautiful, love the new bed. Laughing at your comments about Charlie not caring as long as you stop removing him to take photos. Glad to hear you limit screen time for your kids. It becomes an arm wrestling match when they’re a bit older, but good to instill it now. Hope the snow stops, we’re still getting it up here in Toronto.

    1. It is a lot harder to set limits as they get older! It really helps us to have a designated spot in the house they are supposed to be at all times unless it’s “screentime” thanks!

  24. Love all of your cottage! Vote for a bench but maybe cleaner lines to suit this new style. Also, please enlighten us on what you did to frame the TV. We have a “cottage up north” but not nearly as wonderful as yours.Going up in May to open it up.

    1. Yay another team new bench lol, that’s where I’m leaning! Our trim guys framed it for us. All they did was flip the 2×4’s the other way in this section to allow for the indent in the wall. Then drywalled the nook in and framed it with some trim. I like that it looks a little less like this big black box on the wall.

  25. I would keep the bench, or get another (sorry Mr.!). 1) It looks good and 2) still probably a good idea for Charlie. Smaller dogs can develop hip/knee problems so the less he has to jump is probably better. Ask me how I know? (We have a yorki-poo who has had 1 ACL surgery and a lengthy round of PT for the other ACL!! She has steps to a chest that is at the end of our bed, but she’s a jump and lunger).

    Pretty, pretty room! Very soothing too.

    1. Hey Renee, my mom has yorkies too and they have stairs as well. Charlie is a bit bigger at 15 lbs so it’s not too hard for him to get on things but he is a jumper too!

  26. I love the update! So sophisticated yet very comfortable! You can never go wrong with blue and white. ?

  27. I am team bench! I like the one you have or I’m sure you’d find a perfect new one too! either way, I feel it makes the room feel more complete and cozy!

  28. How about a comfy chair in the corner between the dresser and the window wall for the Mr.? He could put his shoes on as well as have a seat. ?

  29. Your new furniture looks really nice, Kelly. If you took out the bench, maybe a nice chair in the corner would work out for husband.

  30. I am on the fence about the bench. I would probably keep it because I am sure it would be perfect for putting on shoes and socks, but I like how the room looks without the bench. Since you already have it, I’d keep it. But if you didn’t have it, I’d say don’t get one.

  31. Since the Mr is super supportive of your love for decorating and likes the bench, definitely keep it… And it works beautifully in the room, too. Consider switching out the legs, though. Not a fan of those. Lovely room overall!

  32. The MBR is looking splendid, especially in the sunshine! I say keep the bench (cuz you wouldn’t want the Mr. running around barefoot, would you)? ?

  33. Looks cozy! I think you need to keep a bench, either change the legs on the existing one (the lines aren’t right any longer without the curve of the bed or other nightstands) or a new bench (sorry Mr.)

  34. I’m for the bench, I think it completes the room especially since you have the space for it….my bedroom is very tiny with only about 4’ between the foot of the bed and the dresser …I would love to have a bench, but alas….it would leave a teeny tiny walk thru which my husband would definitely complain about and I admit would make it look cluttered….but yours does look cluttered in the slightest.

  35. Hi Kelly,

    Love your room, Im team bench. We have one at the end of my bed and it’s great for all of my pillows other wise there all over the floor. What did you use for window treatments?
    Thanks again for sharing.

  36. I vote for the bench……looks great and more importantly, its functional for hubby! I too have a puppy who takes over the bed and every beautiful throw that I own! Love your home.

  37. Always love the white and blue. No bench, sorry Mr. where did you get the ceiling fan? Looking for a new fan. Thanks.

    1. Hey Valeria, it’s from Home Depot but they don’t carry it anymore. We are actually replacing it because it doesn’t work which is maybe why they discontinued it!

  38. Again, outstanding!!! Love the bench. When are you coming to decorate my home? And bring the little guy, I will hire him.

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